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Inception: A mind-bending Masterpiece. Period!

July 17, 2010

If Cinema is the proof of God’s existence, then Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest messiahs ever. Words aren’t enough to describe the brilliance which seems to lurk in every neuron of his brain. But that’s not what makes him a genius. His masterstroke lies in directing films which not only add meaning to our (movie aficionados) existence, but also adding layers of intelligence to our cinematic subconscious state. Memento took our breath away; Insomnia showed us that Nolan isn’t a one movie wonder. Prestige and Batman Begins shot his fame to the zenith and Dark Knight took him to the league of extraordinary gentlemen like Stanely Kubrick. His latest film Inception is unlike any other film he has ever made. Not that it’s on the same plane as that of Memento, but the sheer immensity and the concept of the film propels its importance to a whole new level. It’s a masterpiece which will continue to haunt your dreams everytime you think about the film.

The trailers gave us a glimpse of what to expect from Inception, yet Nolan’s idea of exploring mind’s architecture catches you by surprise. Leonardo Di Caprio stars as Cobb, who specializes in a futuristic corporate espionage. He has the ability to enter a subject’s dream and steal ideas. He works with his team who are the best in the business. However, he’s not invincible. There are rules which govern a mind’s architecture and everyone plays by those rules set by the architect. Moreover, Cobb has a dark secret which makes him impulsive and quite often this dark secret alters his perspective. After years of working for a powerful businessman, he’s looking for a way out. Before his boss lets go of him, he’s commissioned to do one final job. He has to plant an idea in a rival’s mind. Inception! No one has ever tried it before in Cobb’s team but Cobb is confident that he can accomplish the seemingly impossible task.

What’s it like to enter someone’s dream? Most of the time, it is our memories which give shape to our dreams. At times, we dream of something beyond our realm of existence. But to even think of dreaming something designed by an architect, is scary. The concept of space and gravity vanish without a trace. However your environs in real life also have a direct impact on your dreams. If you move during your sleep, the dream’s architecture changes dramatically. Anything is possible in a dream state; afterall it’s left to your imagination. Yet Cobb’s team cannot take things for granted. They are bound by time before the subject wakes up and they have to also battle the subconscious projections which fill up a dream’s architecture. You are not alone and a seemingly perfect architecture can go kaput if you begin dreaming inside a dream. Is it possible to dream within a dream? Apart from all these rules, you have to look for a way out before the dream ends. You know what makes Nolan’s films so enthralling and exciting to watch? Because he sets a million rules and slowly breaks them one by one. Most of the characters are grey which means their perception of right and wrong changes according to the situation.

Inception is an exceptional film to the extent that it questions your definition of reality and dream. What if your existence was a dream? Or what if you are a subconscious projection of someone else’s dream? In a way, the film is a visual representation of most of these questions and its multi-layered ideas drag you inside the maze which leaves you struggling for the “kick”. In the past, Matrix series dealt with a similar concept of what’s reality, but Inception simplifies to a great extent. The conversations are its greatest strength and Nolan goes to a great length to elucidate the concept of Inception. Be it in the scene where Ellen Page is trained to be an architect or Leonardo explaining his struggle with his past, the rules of the game become clear. I wonder how many layers of dreams Nolan went through to write this script. The depth in his narration, the dialogues and Leonardo’s characterization make you utter that holy phrase again and again which edifies cinematic awesomeness – ‘Oh fcuk…that was awesome’.

It’s not just Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, the rest of the star cast do an exceptional job in their roles. Inception can easily be taken for granted as a Bond film sans the sex and babes. If Jason Bourne had worked with a team, it could have been Inception. The breathtaking visual effects form a miniscule part of Inception and it derives its strength from Hans Zimmer’s background score, gravity defying stunts and amazing cinematography by Wally Pfister. Christopher Nolan’s fanbase is bound to grow manifold with this film and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if he’s crowned as the King of pathbreaking film makers of contemporary cinema.

To describe anything more about Inception would require me to wake up from an incredible dream. I don’t want to take that risk because this dream has turned out to be a journey into my memories encapsuled under layers of time. I have always dreamt of so many people in my life who still appear as blurred images. Thanks to an elaborate dream world created by Christopher Nolan, I can atleast make an attempt to decipher the signs and stories which occur in my dreams. The film has hit me so hard that I can’t differentiate what part of my life has been a dream and what was real so far. Perhaps I will find more answers when I go to deeper layers of my dreams or if I learn the art of entering someone else’s subconscious. Two big thumbs up for Inception. It’s a cinematic masterpiece which has left me speechless. Look beyond the film, it’s the idea which can change your perspective, belief and faith in everything there was in past and what will be in future. Take this leap of faith, it doesn’t hurt if you dream big!

P.S: I still can’t say, if I was in a dream or reality while writing this blog.


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. yalkur permalink
    July 18, 2010 11:46 am

    dude u r back on trakk..!!

  2. prasanthi permalink
    July 23, 2010 1:29 am

    hi, i felt the same when i first read mysterious stranger by mark twain. at the end of each reading, i couldn’t decide if the whole story was a dream or reality .Just for the thrill of that dilemma, i used to read the book again and again.

  3. Siva Prasad permalink
    August 10, 2010 12:09 am

    good one brother..this movie is really an epic movie..glues you to the seats till the end..never a moment you can even close your eyes:))

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