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Snehageetham : A surprisingly good song on life

July 16, 2010

“It’s a different film” – is perhaps the mother of all clichés in film industry today. Every film maker and actor tells you the same jazz and at times reframes the quote to reassure us that it’s a different film, indeed. There have been quite a few instances (films) in the past which indeed were different. Most often the promise is broken, much to our chagrin. Amidst all these promises, Snehageetham comes as a sweet surprise despite the occasional glitches present in the film. The film narrates a tale of love, friendship, ambition which a group of 20 somethings go through right after college. Directed by Madhura Sridhar, the film has been produced by Sirisha Lagadapati on LARSCO Entertainment banner. Venkee, Sundeep Kishan, Chaitanya, Shreya, Suhani and Riya play the lead roles. The film has been in the dungeons for so long that some of the actors have already made their onscreen debut. Sundeep was last seen in Prasthanam, Chaitanya made his debut in Ninnu Kalisaaka and Shreya played a small role in Josh.

A group of college students strike chord with each other right in first year. As they breeze through their college life, each of them harbours their own ambitions in life which later evolve into various conflict points in their stories. We have Venkee, a confident and honest chap who wants to set up his own firm, Chaitanya dreams of a five year plan which also includes marriage with his friend Riya. Sundeep Kishan wants to be a film maker and Shreya is madly in love with Venkee and wants to lead a normal life with a job and the love of her life. Krishnudu is the happy go lucky guy who has been around college for around 10 years. And then there are few sidekicks and other people whom this gang of five encounter in their lives.

Few years ago, Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days gave us a slice of college life. Although, I must confess that I couldn’t relate to the film. Life wasn’t the same when I was back in college (BITS- Pilani). I ended up having mixed feelings about the film. Snehageetham treads closely to the path set by Happy Days, but right in the nick of time it manages to break free and creates its own identity. If Happy Days was a blown up version of college life, Snehageetham is a mélange of life both inside and outside those four walls of college.

The film almost starts on a wrong note. It takes a sweet 70 odd minutes to get to the conflict point. It had all the ominous signs of an amateurish film, atleast in first half. And then there’s Déjà vu of Happy Days. The major problem is that the film lacks a certain structure which defines the timeframe and the turn of events. In one instance, the entire college life is narrated in a song and immediately the film goes back in time to unfold how these characters meet. Sometimes, the camera loses focus and it’s hard to understand the turn of events. Even the scenes, they are set in picture perfect locations yet it’s hard to understand why the story has moved to that location and what’s going to happen next. But the second half is a completely different story. The conflict point is established pretty well and the script becomes stronger and stronger. The brilliance lies in narrating six individual stories along with three love stories and stitching them together. Madhura Sridhar comes out with flying colours in this department. Apart from the script writers, he should also be credited for extracting some good performances from his entire lead cast.

The film’s biggest find is Venkee, who’s extremely impressive considering it’s his debut film. He has got a fantastic body language and there’s lot of sincerity in his acting. Well done monsieur. Shreya makes a good impression in her role and she will go on to become a better actress in future. If only, the make up and costume department took better care of her, sigh! Chaitanya comes with a deadly combo – a brilliant dancer and a decent onscreen performer. Sundeep Kishan had the best written role in the film and he’s impressive again. Suhani and Riya are decent.  The supporting actors especially Vennela Kishore and that guy with a catchphrase “concept” deserve an applause. Sunil Kashyap’s music is soothing on the ears.

I believe that students go through an identity crisis almost immediately after college, especially when their ambitions are something like film making, entrepreneurship. Any amount of cajoling and pleading your parents won’t help unless they understand the love and passion which their children have for their career ambition. It really helps to have someone from your family, friends have faith in you. I am not sure whether the makers of Snehageetham have gone through all this, but kudos to them for portraying what the current generation thinks. They succeed walking on that thin red line of maintaining the right balance in everything. Snehageetham is not an extraordinary film, but it manages to portray what many of us have gone through or will undergo in the coming few years. For a first film, the overall product is a surprise package which comes in an extra coating of maturity and honesty. Thumbs up for Snehageetham. It’s a rare occurrence where you can walk out of the theatres in the end without cursing the actors or the director.

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  1. sunil kumar permalink
    July 16, 2010 7:42 pm

    If it took 70 minutes to get to the point, and in second half, if venu madhav took almost 30 minutes of time, what you described is essentially the remaining 20 minutes of film. Let me guess. I think you are impressed because you could relate/identify your self.

    But like you how many are out there who look for unconventional profession! Less than 5% I guess!


  2. truereviews permalink
    July 17, 2010 2:29 am

    what a fucking asshole of a person you are…… this movie is goof? what an idiot critic you are? it’s a dumb fucking film with no maturity in direction story script or anything else… the movie has no connections with anything that it put out to be….

    what the fuck the second half is good? were u drunk watching this movie????

    The whole episode of the the Venkat guy getting funding for his project…. the way it was shown that was matured??? it was amateurish written all over it…

    The way Chaitanya and his girlfriend him being supicious on his girl friend because of her manager the way the patch up was shown in the most immaturish way PLEASE

    last but not the least the guy who wanted to become a director nothing to say about

    u are nothing but a geeky lonely guy who is not good at writing a honest review

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