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Sunset Boulevard : The Film Club

April 13, 2010

April 18, 2010 will be an eventful day for film enthusiasts in Hyderabad, India. Apart from hordes of latest films from different languages which release almost every week, Hyderabad will have its brand new Film Club. The Sunset Boulevard.

It is quite ironic that Hyderabad with its massive density of film enthusiasts does not have the required number of movie clubs which keep film enthusiasts engaged. We have two prominent film clubs, Hyderabad Film Club (HFC) and Moving Images which screen films almost every week. I have been to quite a few screenings organised by these two film clubs; however each of them has its share of issues. Hyderabad Film Club has great archives especially of French films, but they screen it in Sarathi Studios. I am not sure if it is the place or the kind of films screened, that place does not have the right buzz although it has great potential. Moving Images has all the resources, they screen great films and organize interesting film festivals. Yet, they have not been able to create the buzz on weekends when there isn’t a film festival. In this regard, I sincerely hope and wish, that Sunset Boulevard caters to the demand and finds the right audience.

Sunset Boulevard was started in Ahmedabad with an intention to bring the best of World and Indian Cinema to film enthusiasts in the city. And now, it is also going to start its operations in Hyderabad. The film club has an impressive list of films which will be screened over the next few weeks. The Song of Sparrows (Iranian), Chaplin (English), All About My Mother (Spanish) and Antaheen (Bengali) will be screened on consecutive Sundays starting from April 18th in Prasadz Multiplex, Hyderabad. I am sure some of us might have seen these films on TV or DVD, but then it would be a rare experience to watch them on big screen. I sincerely hope Sunset Boulevard prospers in Hyderabad and brings about the much needed new wave of film clubs culture in the city.

To know more about Sunset Boulevard and the membership details in Hyderabad, India…

Contact : Teja

Phone No: +91 97038 98844


P.S: Click on the image to enlarge it. It contains the list of the film and the contact details of Sunset Boulevard in Hyderabad.

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  1. Debjit Bera permalink
    April 21, 2010 2:55 pm

    Do u screen short films? Hw can I submit my short film to SB? Thanx.

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