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Josh: Telugu Movie Review

September 7, 2009


“Josh” is the story about a student, Satya (Naga Chaitanya) who comes to Hyderabad from Vizag. He’s incensed by the reckless behaviour of some students in the city but somehow controls his anger. One day he witnesses a riot and files a complaint in the police station. This brings him face to face with a student leader JD (JD Chakravarthy) who’s nurturing his own ambition of entry into mainstream politics. The rest of the story is about how this confrontation between JD and Satya spawns a web of students, campus politics, youth and joshhh….

It’s preposterous to compare Nagarjuna and NagaChaitanya, even in terms of their debuts. Nagarjuna made his debut in 1986 in an era where the number of films made in an year were less and hence less competition. 23 years later, as NagaChaitanya makes his debut he already has a horde of contemporaries to compete against apart from the huge expectations from people in general. “Josh” is an extremely promising debut for Naga Chaitanya. Contrary to what some of us think about the film, I believe the film isn’t designed to showcase his dancing/fighting skills. The story penned by Vasu Verma expects its hero, Satya to be an angry young man, someone who’s equally sophisticated, smart and full of energy. Naga Chaitanya fits into his role with elan. Of course, there’s no denying the fact that we have no idea how his expressions would be if he tries to be not so serious all the time. There’s all the time in the world to experiment and “Josh” is an interesting way to what I believe would be a marathon for Naga Chaitanya. There’s nothing over the top about the film, Naga Chaitanya keeps his feet on the ground, he fights with only one person at a time, some of the veteran actors underplay their roles…just what you expect from a sensible movie.

On the other hand, not everything is not rosy about the film. The crux lies in Vasu Verma’s script which never lets some of the supporting roles to evolve completely. J D Chakravarthy’s role as a student leader should have been more menacing. We hardly see his “true colours” except in couple of scenes where he proves what he’s capable of. Karthika as Vidya, the love interest of Satya is affable in her role as a childish and utterly dumb girl next door. Despite all the signs of a neat friendship developing between the couple, their romance is hardly given any footage. Brahmanandam is completely wasted in the movie. If all these factors are kept aside, something else catches your attention. It’s the theme of the movie. You are expected to understand that “Youth Rockzzz…” on the poster means…”the hero alone rockzzz…”. Except for him, everyone else of his age are either dumb or have got their life completely messed up! The two guys who play the roles of student leaders in college are good but the whole premise of the immediate change in them looks inadequate. And most importantly, although the movie skims the surface of larger themes like role of youth, suicides, education system the entire story funnels down to hero redeeming himself from a dark past by showing the path of righteousness to others. Phew…not everyone can be a God!

Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is wonderful throughout the movie and he captures some of the best moments in the film like the skirmishes between the hero and his rivals with brilliance. Music by Sandeep Chowta is peppy but the lyrics hardly make an impact. Dil Raju, who has had an impeccable track record of producing some good films till date doesn’t disappoint this time too. His resolve to present a good film sans the “macho” element is commendable. The director of the movie, Vasu Varma also handles the script, dialogues and screenplay departments. The direction is pretty good in parts, like some of the scenes involving the gang wars but the screenplay suffers a major jolt when the script gets entangled in multiple themes.

“Josh” is definitely a brave attempt for a debutant, who’s also a star kid! Naga Chaitanya has an alarming screen presence like his father and I think he has had one of the most sensible debuts in the recent few years…you certainly can’t expect a masterpiece from the first film!

P.S: I found traces of these movies/ads in “Josh”

1. 10 Things I hate about you (Principal asking another word for “Friend” to write her novel)

2. Amelie (pure coincidence) (The scene where hero disconnects the cable connection)

3. Limca Ad featuring Sushma Reddy (Hero-Heroine in a song…running everywhere trying to escape from water being splashed all over them)


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. September 7, 2009 9:11 pm sounds OKish from your review.Will give it a shot but not sometime in the near future 😀
    good review but I seriously picture that the movie-is half baked from your description.too many negatives.hmmmm.

  2. September 8, 2009 10:32 am

    Umm.. I’m not a keen follower of Telugu movies, but am just aware of who’s who. With so many star sons making their debut (I believe there are many more lined up to make their debuts), I just wonder the amount of pressure on each one of them… each one to dance/fight better than the rest, to deliver bigger *hits* than the others. It just makes me cringe.

    I would appreciate more, even if one of these star sons voluntarily quit the rat race and get into some sensible movies and create his own niche as an actor rather than attempting to be a *star*…

    Dude, here in Kannada movie industry the trend is not quite the same but not less saddening. There are not any star son left(!) to make his debut, the last big debut being Rajkumar’s third son Puneet. After Ganesh (of Mungaaru Male fame) all the TV anchors and daily soap actors are knocking the doors of producers and directors with their portfolios. Needless to say, none of them were bright enough to shine on screen.
    Then there were some least talented not-fit-for-anything new kids made their debuts (some of them were sons of producers or directors) and are getting thrashed badly by critics and movie enthusiasts.

    That’s the not so incensed update of Sandalwood (as Kannada film industry is fondly called) as of now 🙂

  3. darmesh permalink
    October 7, 2009 12:44 pm

    heroine karthika alone was a treat 2 watch.amazing perormance.its been ages since tollywood saw such fresh young face talent.finally a beauty who can act!

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