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Anjaneyulu : Telugu Movie Review

August 12, 2009

Ravi Teja is damn good at what he does! Isn’t he? He’s probably the only actor other than Prakash Raj, Bramhanandam who continues to enthrall and entertain the audience no matter how cliched his performance or role in a movie is. Yes, you would have loved his role in Idiot, Venki, Dubai Seenu…but then after that there was Krishna, Kick and now Anjaneyulu. There’s hardly any difference in terms of his antics in all his movies, most of the times it happens to be too goofy and slapstick and yet we continue to accept and appreciate his performance in such roles. Ravi Teja’s latest film, “Anjaneyulu” reaffirms the fact that he can bring the house down no matter how predictable or cliched a story is. Directed by Parasuram (Bujji) who also pens the script and dialouges of this film, this film has Ravi Teja, Nayanatara, Sonu Sood playing the lead roles. The film narrates the story of a journalist who’s on a mission of his own.

Anjaneyulu (Ravi Teja) is a journalist at “hmtv” who dreams of climbing the corporate ladder at workplace. One day, when his fellow journalist asks him a favour which would inturn help the TV channel, Anjaneyulu promises him that he would help him. In the mean process he bashes up the henchmen of a gangster, Bada (Sonu Sood). The rest of the story deals with how Anjaneyulu settles his score with Bada.

Let’s get one thing straight. Anjaneyulu is a pure commercial entertainer! Nothing more than that. The director and writer of this film, Parasuram who had made “Yuvatha” sometime last year, could have done a lot more with his story. In one of the scenes, one of the journalists quips that Journalism doesn’t have to entertain the audience all the time! Had Parasuram really carried on in that frame of mind while writing the story, this movie could very well have been a good commentary on how the media is making a mockery of itself in terms of its content, thanks to the TRPs. Although Parasuram does address this issue through some hilarious and brilliantly crafted scenes between the Creative Head, Prabha (Brahmanandam), Anjaneyulu (Ravi Teja) and the rest of the gang, it never goes beyond a point where you empathize with the situation. It could have been a brilliant film which portrays what change  investigative journalism can bring about. Yet, it isn’t. In a nutshell it’s a revenge drama which is laced with side-splitting humour.

There are quite a few things which are noticeable in this film.  It relies too heavily on Ravi Teja and his antics. And no one’s complaining about it! Somehow, the director uses too many actors and artists while weaving the script. Probably that’s why some veteran actors have very small roles in this film, although couple of them especially Prakash Raj and Kota Srinivas Rao impress you. And at the end of the day, the story is just like any other Telugu film which is craving to “entertain” the audience. Parasuram and the producer Ganesh Babu (the yesteryears comedian) should thank their stars for everything falls in place and they do end up presenting a good commercial entertainer, however predictable, cliched the story might be. The point is you will probably be in splits for major part of this movie and hence there’s hardly any time to notice all these things.

Dialogues are the USP of this film! Some of the best scenes in the film are when the actors utter those unfinished lines leaving you to guess what they had meant or even the witty idioms! Gosh…I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Brahmanandam never gets tired of the kind roles he plays. Yet, he’s terrific, sometimes overshadows even the heroes in the films. Here, he’s the Creative Head, Prabha, and I am sure it will be as popular as his role in “King” (Jayasurya). Same goes for another veteran actor Jayaprakash Reddy. I guess it’s the slang he uses which gets on to you after a while and you just can’t help laughing at what he does! Sonu Sood as Bada isn’t a menacing gangster, although he’s got lot of footage with him flexing the muscles. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the film is Nayanatara! She doesn’t have a meaty role and as the love interest of the hero, she’s only restricted to songs and dances.

The film does cross the line at times while trying to portray the hero as demi-god! Goons fly in air the moment the hero clinches his fist and oh, yes…cars fly too. But the stunts are well-choreographed and would have had a better appeal if there weren’t all those thrills attached to them. The music by Thaman has some shades of  “Kick” and none of the songs cling on to you the moment you step out of the theatre. Cinematography by Ravindra Babu is pretty good, especially the scenes shot inside the TV Studio. Surprisingly the only song shot on a beach lacks visual appeal and the ones shot in foreign locations are beautiful. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is good. Ahh…I found a minor goof-up in one of the scenes in the film.

— When Ravi Teja and Jayprakash Reddy watch the video tape, in the second sequence, the camera angle is different from the one Brahmaji shoots it!

Parasuram who not only handles the direction but also story, screenplay and dialogues does well in all his departments. Some of the scenes involving Prakash Raj and I believe even Brahmaji and Brahmanandam are inspired from real life. The story might be predictable but thanks to the hilarious and witty dialogues it more than just makes up for any shortcomings in the film. It’s for this reason, why you should watch the film. If you are among the ones who believe that Cinema should entertain you, then this is probably your safest and best bet this weekend. And others, watch it anyway…for the sheer energy Ravi Teja, Brahmanandam and rest of the gang portray on screen. Go watch it, for the witty dialogues and some genuine laughs.


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  1. August 12, 2009 7:32 pm

    hmmm so this weekend i have lots of things to do 😉

    • Hemanth permalink*
      August 12, 2009 9:58 pm

      @Vijay…Decent flick…you should watch it!..:)

      • Rakesh permalink
        August 13, 2009 2:43 am

        Such a predictable story…the only relieving factor is the comedy aspect. Bramhi n raviteja continue their streak in creating laughter riot. Nayanatara isn’t looking good at all. Bramaji n raja ravindra got such lengthy roles after a lot of gap. Watch it if you dont have anything on the plate for weekend or want to have some commercial entertainment.

        • Hemanth permalink*
          August 13, 2009 11:30 am

          @Rakesh: 🙂

  2. onefilmbuff permalink
    August 18, 2009 7:05 am

    I saw this movie last Saturday…. honestly anyone who saw Raviteja’s comedy before would have nothing to remember from this movie. The predictable beatten to death and rotten as hell story and narration… some jokes didnt even seem funny to me anymore… and some stunts are better forgotten… Raviteja is helping me forget the abscence of Balakrishna … he is almost doing everything that Balayya would love to do….i wont be surprised if Raviteja’s next movie has a scene when he punches the ground and earth stops… or he would punch the air and a chasing helicopter goes down on ground… yes certainly there were few laugh’s and if u havent seen all Raviteja’s movie u may even like it… but personally i didnt feel that it was a good movie… it will get some good bucks for sure and i may just stop regretting about the time and money i wasted on this movie…but certainly i would forget this movie very quickly.

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