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A Toast To Singapore, With Love…

July 25, 2009

July 12th, 2009.

10:30 AM:

MNM! Yup, he arrived at an hour when I couldn’t remember what I was dreaming about. Getting Grovered thrice a day was definitely quite a rare instance for me and thanks to that, I was in a dreamless sleep! As I sat talking to Manjunath after almost a year, I realise how quickly time has changed. In the past 2 years, ever since we graduated from college, both of us have turned on a new leaf in our lives and the fact that all 7 have different and contrasting personalities makes the group all the more special. From work to travelling, from USandA to Amsterdam, from Singapore to Korea…the tales and exploits just started pouring in from all of us and it definitely heralded a glorious day ahead in Singapore. Besides, it was my last day in Singapore…almost!

12:30 PM

We were heading to one of main tourist attractions of Singapore, Sentosa Island. But before that, we had to appease our appetite and so



while roaming around a huge shopping mall, Subhodeep suggested that we try Sushi. Here’s a thing with Sushi…you have no idea what kind of fish, seaweed and other things they put in that, if it’s not the kind of place where they make Sushi infront of you. But I must say, it’s pretty good! It’s not too deep fried and it’s got a charm of its own. And a must try, if you are a food junkie. Besides eating with chop sticks is so much fun…ahh, never tried it before.

2:30 PM

As we stepped into Sentosa Island, I was probably in not my best spirits. The enthusiam of being in a new place had vapourised completely and I think I was contemplating a way out. Anyway, we headed to see the Merlion, the tourist icon of Singapore and at first we were shown a video about the legend of Merlion. Later, we went up the Merlion to the view point, from where the distant skyline of Singapore and huge ships, anchored in the sea, juxtapose and it’s a very Kodak moment, if you are a camera addict!…The next one in the itinerary was an art gallery called “Images of Singapore”. If you are a History enthusiast, this is a must watch in Sentosa Island. It has got everything about the evolution of Singapore, right from the migration of traders from India-Eurasia- Malaysia- China, the formation of Four Winds Trading Company, how Sir Stamford Raffles built Singapore as a major trading hub and Singapore’s ethnic and cultural diversity over the years. I think it was there, when I understood why Singapore is a preferred destination for millions of people across the world. It’s very easy for anyone to mingle around here because of its diversity.  The finale for our Sentosa Island outing was this laser show with fire and water extravaganza called “The Songs of the Sea”. This show is performed  only twice every evening, so plan your stay in Sentosa ahead if you want to see this show. Quite good in fact, kids might actually love it!

11:00 PM

I think every major metropolis across the globe atleast has some parts of its geography which never sleeps! For Singapore, it’s Clarke Quay which I had visited the day before. And today, it was time for some high end splurging. And by high, I mean 70 floors from ground in one of the tallest sky scrapers in Singapore. We were on our way to this bar called “New Asia Bar” which is on the 71st floor of Swiss Hotel in Stamford

A View From New Asia Bar

A View From New Asia Bar

Road. If you have enough money in your pocket and the right kind of people along, this is one place which you shouldn’t miss! It’s a lifetime experience, when you know you won’t even imagine doing something like that on any given day! The best time to go to this place is around 10:00 PM, when the night shrouds every possible trace of light and the only things lighting up the environs are millions of lights shimmering all over the place till as far as you can see. The high and the height caught me off guard and those couple of hours were really the defining moments of Singapore for all of us. Perhaps that was the only time I really really wished I had stayed in Singapore for few more days. The earlier night at Clarke Quay was more bustling, but tonight it was more peaceful and charming. I like peace.

12:30 PM

Everytime you sit with your friends especially from college, an unstoppable nostalgia permeates the conversation and if the group shares a great relationship it adds a tinge more to the feeling of awesomeness! Events and ghosts from the past continue to haunt you and yet another day of your life amidst these conditions becomes an unforgettable moment when you think about it later. Trust me, you realise that you can actually remember the minutest of the details from the past when you are with your friends. Quite embarrasing normally, but what the heck, on a night like this everything is dipped and coated with pure joy of being together! Tan-tada Tana Tana….Tan-Tada Tana Tana.

I think we managed to psyche the lady who was trying her best to follow our slang! She couldn’t and minutes later, the bar tender asked us to leave because it wouldn’t be a pleasant flight downstairs as the lift comes to a complete halt at 1:oo PM.

The Singapore Flyer ("London Eye" Version of Singapore)

The Singapore Flyer ("London Eye" Version of Singapore)

1:00 PM:

We headed towards Orchard Road to check out the nightlife scene there……M…N….Helicopter…you guys are awesome!….[Black Out].

(To Be Continued…)

(As written in the Wee Hours of 13th July)

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  1. April 7, 2010 5:36 am

    WOWwwwww!!!!!!!!! iz tat a sushi? I LUV IT MANZ!!!!!!! :]

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