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Getting Grovered…

July 24, 2009

6:oo AM

Changi International Airport, Singapore.

Moments after we landed in the “Budget” terminal of Changi Airport, I was rather shocked to see a very downsized version of how a brilliant and spectacular aiport actually looks like! After clearing the immigration, we finally met Ankur and after listening to his version of how the actual terminal of Changi airport looks like, I changed my mind. The merto transit which goes inside the city is at Terminal 2 of the airport and we had to take a bus to go there. Singapore is undoubtedly humid! And somehow Toyota is the most visible brand right when I landed there…maybe most of the cabs happened to be Toyotas. When we reached Terminal 2, I realised that we Indians are no aliens atleast in Singapore. Tamil is one of their official languages and we are probably as good as the local Indian community there. The Metro in Singapore is one hell of a ride. Well, it never comes close to the local trains of Amchi Mumbai, but much better than the Delhi Metro.

7:00 AM

Singapore Metro…

The first impression of Singapore is just like what I had expected it to be. It’s an overgrown city which is way too futuristic for my standards and of course the overdose of cleanliness and orderliness catches on to you like a flu. A sudden urge to be careful about your behaviour springs up but as I watch the way Singaporeans live, I realise that they couldn’t care less about how the “tourists” behave. Everyone is so lost in their own world and so busy reading their newspapers, novels, songs on mobile/ipods, that it’s difficult in everysense to come to a conclusion about the hosts. Hmm…these days, maybe everyone is a little indifferent about tourists roaming around. Well, I guess we can’t crib about this and cribbing about this doesn’t make any sense. This indifference from their side is also a blessing in disguise as it gives a sneakpeek of their sing-song accented “Singlish” or other languages spoken across this island like Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.


3:oo PM

Somewhere in ‘Raffles’.

Having lived all my life in the dusty towns and cities of India, the

Somewhere in Raffles

Somewhere in Raffles

environs of Singapore are definitely a culture shock. The roads are sparklingly clean, I guess you don’t need your footwear to roam around..:). The city is beautiful and overwhelming at the same time with its stunning facade and skyline. In some locations around Raffles, its just like a Hollywood set which provides the backdrop for hundreds of TV shows and movies. There are just too many offices of every other corporation you can imagine. And almost innumerable shopping malls. Come to think about it, it’s like a Giga version of namma Benguluru’s Brigade Road. Lolz!

A little while ago, we roamed around Marina Bay which had lot of

(from left) grover, ghosh and kar near Espalande (dome)

(from left) grover, ghosh and kar near Espalande (dome)

exhibits about how Singapore conserves the natural resources mainly water recycling and then headed for a little guided tour across a part of Raffles touching Clarke Quay, Espalande, the F1 track and finally reached a little restaurant called “Thai Express”. Thai cuisine is just too good! We binged on loads of seafood, especially their Prawns Toast was tantalizing! On a different note, I guess the Thai chilli seriously competes with the Guntur chilli…phew! One scary thing that was! Outside the restaurant, hordes of children from every possible school in Singapore were marching past and my friend told me that they were rehearsing for the Independence Day Celebrations. The kids in Singapore are perhaps some of the cutest I have seen in my life. They

Yellow Ginger Chicken Rice @ Thai Express

Yellow Ginger Chicken Rice @ Thai Express

are like right out of your desktop wallpapers! And as they grow up, I guess the cuteness gives way to the latest fads…it’s difficult to spot anyone, especially women who wear a dress which touches their knees! Hehehe…Hemanth, Welcome to Singapore! ๐Ÿ˜€


10: oo PM:

Clarke Quay.

This place was just too stunning! So far, I think I have been a little indifferent in my futile attempts to getting a hang of Singapore. It’s in general a very family affair primarily for kids and splurging! But yeah, as Grover says, the best part about Singapore wakes up only after dusk! Quite True!. If you are looking for an amazing nightlife and action all night long, Clarke Quay is the place you must visit! It’s pretty much a culmination for cultures and cusine from Malaysia, India, China, Europe, America, Middle East! There are umpteen number of restaurants, discs, pubs and the parties go on till 4 AM atleast. We went into this discotheque called “Pump Room”. The good thing about pubs and discotheques in Clarke Quay is, the bouncers never discriminate about who gets in…it’s more a question of the number of people inside. So, the moment you step in you will find almost everyone, people from Europeans, Americans, Indians, Chinese, Singaporeans, Malays…etc. Mind you, this was my first time in a discotheque and couldn’t gel well with the mood inside. In a place where, a little smile was enough to strike a conversation and xyz later, all I could do is sit and watch! The live band was doing a decent job, maybe my friend Ravi Chandra should confirm this. Hip Hop is definitely the more sought after genre in most pubs across Clarke Quay and “Apple Bottom Jeans” by T Pain is pretty much the anthem here! It’s really funny when you have the entire house going “low low low low low”…lolz!


4:00 AM:


A field report about the events in Clarke Quay and Singapore in general led to some new conclusions about upholding the “BRO” thingy! We totally worship Barney Stinson and prayed that he be our guiding force in our upcoming endeavours in getting Grovered!…:D


(To Be Continued…)

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  1. Ankur Grover permalink
    July 24, 2009 1:05 pm

    I am obliged ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 24, 2009 5:23 pm


  2. July 24, 2009 1:23 pm

    Getting Grovered…LOL!

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 24, 2009 5:23 pm

      shall tell you offline what “Grovered” actually means!..:D

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