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Terima Kasih, Rakyat!

July 22, 2009

Less than 48 hours after landing in India, I have a weird feeling. It’s like the past 1 week of my life didn’t exist. When I think about what had happened in the past few days, I can’t remember all those moments I had spent with the pristine clarity that I manage to when it comes to my rather monotonous life. For starters, I was travelling in Singapore and along the west coast of Malaysia for around 8 days. This wasn’t any ordinary travelling, no sir, it definitely wasn’t! The first 3 days were filled with awesomness and the next 5 days renkindled the joy of travelling in me. As I try to figure out the exact details about the trip, I have to first thank all those wonderful people I was travelling with and people who have been a great source of inspiration to me. And that’s what this post is about. Terima Kasih, Rakyat. It means, Thank You People (in Malay).

We were a gang of 5, Ravi Chandra, Amitansu, Subhodeep, Siddharth and me (Hemanth) flew to Singapore on 10th July to meet our dear friend Ankur Grover, who’s currently working in Singapore. The next day, Manjunath arrived from Paris, France and I guess that pretty much makes us “The Magnificent Seven”!, even if it was for 3 days. Then there were 6. Yay! A terrific “Six Pack” I suppose!…:P. Just kidding guys. Well, I didn’t stay with my friends for the entire trip. After 3 days, I started to travel alone and travelled to Ipoh, then to Penang and concluded my tryst with Malaysia in Langkawi before heading to Singapore on 19th, July. I think I have missed a lot of things, a lot of awesome things infact by veering away from the group, but on a different note, I think I needed this desperately.

Terima Kasih, Ankur for being such a wonderful host and a dear friend. I think more than anything you managed to keep the juggernaut rolling and in the end it’s an overwhelming feeling to have spent some quality time together reminiscing the good old days. I think the rest of us owe a lot to you for this trip. It was also great to catch up with Manjunath and Subhodeep after ages! I had heard so much about the stuff they are into and everything else they had been doing for the past year or so. And finally Singapore became the conclave for everything. If I am allowed to be a little more outrageous in my comparision, it’s like the Six Pirates had flew to Singapore to meet the Pirate Lord and indulge in absolute mayhem. Looking back at the turn of events I think it really was “Mayhem”! Oh, between, I think my friend Ravi Chandra has introduced his revolutionary “Helicopter” move and I am confident that in the coming few days, it’s going to give a serious competition to “Headbanging” with the rythm of Rock! How could I forget Siddharth and Amitansu? Do I need to elucidate more about the photography skills of Amitansu or the terrific power to drive away all the “spirits” of Siddharth? 😀

On a serious note, I think I have to thank my friend SriHarsha Majety. He has been a great source of inspiration when it comes to travelling (and of course in everything else too). Having followed his trail across South East Asia surrounding the Mekong River last year, I think my curiosity to backpack to places had just grew manifold. And thanks a lot for all the advice Harsha, it was very helpful throughout the journey. Ah, by the way, I think I have something to brag about as well. I presume I am among the very few, who have travelled all alone to Langkawi, especially from India! Great Success, I like it!

I don’t think I have seen Malaysia or for that matter Singapore as one would expect from a tourist. I would have probably roamed around in most of these places for less than 4-5 hours a day and hence talking about the “touristy” places doesn’t make any sense. From my perspective I think travelling alone was the biggest step I could have taken. I seriously have never travelled alone (I ain’t counting travelling to and fro Hyd-Delhi as backpacking!..:P) and that too starting it off in Malaysia made it even more special. Lastly, my journey wouldn’t have been half as memorable if I hadn’t met all those wonderful people right from Ipoh, Penang and Langkawi. (You will hear a lot about them in my future posts!). Thanks a lot guys. It’s the wonderful moments I have spent talking with all of you which inspire me to travel again and this time for a longer duration.

Finally, I think Malaysia is a beautiful country and it’s got something for everyone. I am sure I would come back soon and probably this time I will come equipped with a “Lonely Planet” Guide and spend as much time as possible. Thanks for all the wonderful food and oh, yes! I did love your Laksa!

Terima Kasih, Rakyat! I think I have had the most amazing dream that lasted for more than 7 days…:)



(To be continued…)

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  1. July 22, 2009 10:01 pm

    Dei! Too much. Why does it sound like we talked you into writing this? 😀 😛

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 22, 2009 10:07 pm

      well…I do owe one! Lets just say this is a curtain raiser for the one about “New Asia Bar”! Besides I really had to thank All of you and Harsha somewhere in the travel posts…so, I thought it’s better to start off with that!…:D

  2. Ankur Grover permalink
    July 23, 2009 9:49 am

    Cheers !!!!

  3. July 23, 2009 10:20 am

    Yes Yes waiting for an activity/travel log 😀

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