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Oy! : Telugu Movie Review

July 5, 2009

Siddharth’s latest movie “Oy!” may not be in the same league as “Bommarillu” but it’s definitely one of the most sensible movies to have released this year. It’s difficult to analyse and write about this movie as one can for the conventional commercial entertainer genre like kazillion other Telugu films. What sets it apart is its sensitive portrayal of people finding their true love amidst the chaos of our everyday lives. First time director, Anand Ranga who also pens the story and screenplay of “Oy!” introduces the yesteryear’s child artist, Shamili in her first full length role as a heroine. The story revolves around two people of contrasting personalities who end up falling in love and find solace in each other.

Uday (Siddharth) is the son of a business tycoon who believes in living his life to the fullest. His philosophy in life is to enjoy the short and sweet memories and long term relationships mean nothing to him. He bumps into Sandhya (Shamili) on his birthday and is quite evidently attracted to her. Uday follows her and eventually manages to stay in the same house of Sandhya, under the pretext that he’s new to the city. What follows next is a sensible portrayal of their everyday lives as they share the short and sweet moments in their quest to know each other…

Quite a lot of critics on several websites have criticized the movie in somewhat more than a milder tone but I would beg to differ with most of them. First of all, in a film like “Oy!” it’s extremely important that the director establishes the characters and narrate their lifestyle in a way which is very convincing to the audience. And when the director rides on the artistic liberty to twist the personality of his characters, it hardly surprising because by now, we have come to know that the story and its characters are so multidimensional and multilayered that comparing them with their initial personalities is pointless. Anand Ranga does all this with elan. So, if you are wondering why does Sandhya do an U turn in some of her ideologies related to Marriage and smoking…maybe she’s a feminist and wants to try the good and bad in life. Who says that everyone has to be the mama’s boy/girl all the time? Another comparision that has been made is that the latter half of this film is a combination of “Jab We Met” and “Gitanjali”. Well, not every road movie is a copycat of “Jab We Met” and not every movie which has either of the characters suffering from a terminal illness is a byproduct of “Gitanjali”. Of course, both those movies were some of the best in their respective genre and hence comparisions become inevitable. However, in Oy!, these two aspects are in sharp contrast to its more laid back mood as portrayed in the incidents @ 176, Beach House. There’s a perfect explanation for why it happens and if someone thinks that it doesn’t fit into the scheme of things, I beg to differ, again. Most certainly “Oy!” is never that laugh out loud kinda movies which our Telugu movie tend to be these days, think of this film from a more humane perspective. We the people are eccentric in our own ways and the people whom Uday and Sandhya come across in their journey are exactly the kind of people you would see all around you. They have their own share of problems and little desires left unfulfilled. Pradeep Rawat’s reincarnation as ” Raj Bihari” (from the film-Chatrapathi) is a stroke of genius! I can’t talk anything more about this role, it has to be seen on big screen…it had me in splits…hilarious! All these years we have been watching spoofs of Chandramukhi and Aparichitudu in our films but introducing the same character of a film in another is just brilliant! The “12 gifts” versions reflect the contrasting personalities of the two characters of Sandhya and Uday and if you find it corny, well then, it’s like that. In the end the film is about being there when your loved one needs you the most and sharing an unquestionable faith in each other.

Siddharth who has quite a few good film to his credit has made it a habit to deliver credible performances in almost all this flicks. And Oy! is no different. He gets into the skin of the character so much that, for an instance when Uday’s arguing with his uncle in the hospital, you know that the emotions are real. He enjoys a meaty role in this film and is a huge crowd puller, courtesy his style statement. Shamili in her first feature film as a heroine treads upon a tricky path. While her girl next door role in this film is beautifully written which she wonderfully portrays, it’s seriously hard to digest that one of the cutest child artistes seen in films like Anjali, JVAS would one day turn out like this. No offense! Napolean, Sunil, Krishnudu, Ali, Bharath do justice to their roles. However it’s Pradeep Rawat and Sunil who manage to shine with their brilliant touch of humour.

Cinematography by Vijay Chakravarthy is magical. Be it the scenes of intense drama or exquisite brilliance in the songs, his work is one of the biggest strength in the films. Yuvan Shankar Raja induces the much needed pep in this love story. All the songs and especially “Oy!” and “Seheri” have an indelible of a great musician in the making. The set erected on the shores of Vizag is good and the statues erected in a song are wonderfully shot by Vijay. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is good. And finally, Anand Ranga! He joins the league of Bhaskar, Shekhar Kammula and handful other sensible directors who know what they want to bring alive on screen. Although he doesn’t do anything remarkable, still the amount of happiness vis-à-vis sadness in the characters is noteworthy.

Oy! deserves or rather demands its audience to shed their prejudices. This is a film where none of its characters are dumb. Anand Ranga fills them with so much life that in the end it’s difficult not to empathize with them. Of course, few of us might come to a conclusion that it’s too confused as to what exactly it wants to portray. Maybe. But I think it’s a beautiful film which falls short of being a remarkable film. It deserves to be seen from a humane perspective rather than an mind/logic shut thingy!

P.S: Kudos to Anand Ranga for being modest enough to quote the inspiration behing writing this film. It’s based on Eric Segal’s “Love Story”. Maybe it’s time for rest of the film fraternity to follow his example.

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  1. July 5, 2009 11:41 pm

    Hemanth, dont u think that film lacked something somewhere in the second half? I feel that it is elongated .
    And also it had some shades of a Hollywood movie “A Walk To Remember” ( can say the same storyline and the theme), which was simple and short and has just shown the way the Lead actor carries away with the Actress who has Luekemia.Meant to say that movie was not felt lenghty and did not go side track.

    How can a scene like ‘being at two places at one time(which is scene from A Walk To Remember) can be justified? ( Just a meter span of distance cannot change the signal which the phone receives from the tower).

    Just to make that scene catchy, some things should not be compromised.

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 6, 2009 2:39 pm

      @RamC: Well, lets look at the Second Half from the characters point of view…the girl still doesn’t know that she’s suffering from a terminal illness…for her the extra attention and love from Uday is a pleasant change for her otherwise orthodox life and she indulges in fulfilling in all her desires, however silly they might be. Yes, on the other hand, we know that she’s suffering from Cancer and it’s a matter of time that she comes to know about it…seems to have made you very restless!!..:D…In this aspect, A Walk To Remember is a tad too melodramatic and mushy! And I liked Oy! for not being so…

      hehehe…yeah…the phone signal from different states is a little too much..but then it’s ok! If the same scene in A Walk To Remember makes sense..then why not here?!…

      • July 6, 2009 10:42 pm

        Come on Hemanth, in walk to remember they dont use phones 🙂 to show that they are in different places at a time , but uses a board which shows welcome to Virginia..tats it.

        Well i am not saying tst Oy! is not good as many otheres said, but just it was elongated for which the Director could have reduced the timelines.(do a movie needs to 2 1/2 hrs all the time and is it mandatory to have 6 songs??)

        • Hemanth permalink*
          July 7, 2009 12:10 pm

          @RamC: Well, I agree with your point…probably they did spend a lot for this film and experimenting with the format of 6 songs wouldn’t have been a good option…besides Audio was a huge success…what do you say?

          • July 7, 2009 10:08 pm

            yup Audio is..but they had to film those songs rite, so they had to insert those in some part of the movie, but u being a analyst of films, do u think that songs will save or give extra points to the movie a movie? wat say?( its not a question , but wanted to know ur opinion on that)

  2. July 6, 2009 9:32 am

    This is one hellova review.I’m going to the theatre to watch this and get back with my comments.

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 6, 2009 2:40 pm

      @Rajeev: Dude…it’s possible that I might have written a biased review…come to your own conclusion after watching the movie…and lemme know if my reviews justifies itself!..:)

      • Arun permalink
        July 6, 2009 11:15 pm

        Hemanth, what do you mean by “biased review”? Do you know anyone involved with the film, personally? I ask this because I’m Anand’s brother and it was refreshing to see a very good review about the film. The review definitely seems to be written by someone who understand story telling in films much more better than an ordinary film goer.

        • Hemanth permalink*
          July 7, 2009 12:13 pm

          @Arun: thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my review of oy!…i take it for granted that you have liked what i wrote there on my blog. I don’t know anyone personally who’s associated with this film.I went to watch this movie after reading couple of bad reviews and after having seen the movie i thought the reviews on the net weren’t comprehensive as in they had concentrated too much on the commercial and entertainment levels. These days my reviews on telugu films have been getting a good response and hence it was important for me to write a realistic and pragmatic review of oy!…i think i intentionally skipped parts like dancing on a ship…a telugu movie in kolkata…stuff like that sense the review is biased to the positive side…it seriously was a good film..just that people can’t understand films which require some thought:-)….and thanks for your view on my perception of cinema..i watch too many films both indian and foreign..hence its a little easy for me to understand film and what it wants to convey….btw are you the director’s brother? What do you do in US? Studying/working? Nice to hear from you and say hi to your bro from my side:-)….

        • Venu gopal rao permalink
          August 1, 2009 5:54 pm

          oy! is the one of the best movies . Its really touched my heart i felt the feeling in the movie for about one week. Ananda ranga,siddu,shamili are the best in their roles. its good that ananda ranga has come up with a role for shamili i really like that role played for her.Now-a-days movies are filled with dirt ,this is the best movie i give 5/5 rating for this if any one ask me.I have seen in above comment that Arun brother of Ananda ranga so i left this comment.

  3. Siriesha permalink
    July 7, 2009 3:15 am

    I think I liked your review even though I still have to watch the movie. Your analysis was very sensitive as opposed to many other nuts who just write the films off without a thought about their influence on the film-goers. Good job!

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 7, 2009 12:17 pm

      @Siriesha: Thanks a lot!..:) Well if your statement on influencing the film goers is true, then I have been guilty of having committed the same mistake. Some of my recent reviews on few Telugu films have been scathing, I guess I was pissed off with some of the recent movies and had to vent my frustration in the review. Off late, I think, Ananthapuram, Prayanam (Boni, to an extent) and now Oy! deserve to be written from a different point of view when compared to other flicks which are positioned as “Youth Entertainers”!..:)…Thanks for dropping by…hope you liked other posts as well..:)

  4. bindaasbharat permalink
    July 7, 2009 10:30 am

    Watch or download oy telugu movie online for free at

  5. kavya permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:40 pm

    is dis movie somethin lik an same age old story wit new faces ??

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 8, 2009 4:06 pm

      @Kavya: Well… does have a trace of quite a few movies from yesteryears…but the funny moments spread throughout the movie make it a little different from the rest…

  6. kavya permalink
    July 8, 2009 12:43 pm

    ive been gettn mixed reiews frm my frens,u say its quite gud.. few said ppl in love ll enjoy dis movie els its borin.. hav found ur reviews sensible til date, haven bothered to check any odr site fr dem.. don’t let me down, lemme kno hw much wud u rate dis movie at a scale of 5

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 8, 2009 4:14 pm

      @Kavya: Wow! you seriously haven’t been reading reviews on other sites???…I usually don’t rate movies, but if you insist..then I think I would rate it…3/5. It isn’t exactly that ppl in love will like this movie…maybe it’s a little easier for them to connect with the storyline. Don’t expect it to be a tearjerker…neither is it thoroughly entertaining…watch this movie, but don’t think too much about “that’s not possible” instances! It’s not very mushy either…saves you the embarrasement of watching a flick on the lines of “A Walk To Remember!”. that’s all I can tell you…good luck!..:)

  7. kavya permalink
    July 11, 2009 4:52 pm

    thnx fro dat! shall watch the movie vry soon:)

  8. bharath permalink
    July 11, 2009 6:17 pm

    film is good

  9. sri permalink
    July 25, 2009 12:44 pm

    hemanth, nice to read your review :). very detailed. you write well too. but i thought the story had some very strong emotions and those emotions were not shown at all in the movie. was blunt. thats not how a story is told, isnt it?.

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 25, 2009 1:11 pm

      @sri: Thanks a lot!..:)

      Regarding what you suggest, lets look at it this way…
      The story would have been written by lets say not more than 3-4 people, obviously they are not Gods who can tie every loose end! And cinema in general is a very subjective thing…it can be interpreted in so many ways and certainly there’s no one way to narrate a story.

      I have had this dilemma before as well. The question of watching a film for it is rather than what it could have been is a very tricky one….again I suppose it differs from film to film. I suppose, I saw and wrote about this film for what it was…:)

      Thanks for dropping by… hope you liked my other posts as well…:)

      • sri permalink
        July 25, 2009 1:36 pm

        hmm. yeah there is no one way to narrate a story. but you know, if you put in the right emotions, give those emotions enough time…i mean, the characters have enuf time to show those emotions…then i guess, every person…i mean EVERY person, can relate to those characters in some way or the other. whne you relate you automatically appreciate.guess the movie strongly lacked that.

        • Hemanth permalink*
          July 25, 2009 1:46 pm

          What you say is true, but that again differs from person to person. For example, if you take someone who watches too many good movies, no matter what kind of film you make it might not be enough to strike a chord what he or she thinks. They will still expect a film to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

          I think it’s very difficult to disassociate ourselves from our influences and as a result we end up comparing everything with almost everything else!…Quite True!..:)

          • sri permalink
            July 25, 2009 2:18 pm

            🙂 yeah. you know, your review of the movie was exactly opposite of what i thougt it was. so, i kinda got interested n wanted to discuss. i thought the movie lacked the very main thing a serious love story shud have. am totally OK with the ending. no melodrama n was smooth….but it lacked everything else. according to ma it had five main emotions- a very strong love ( coz he goes to a great extent to do things fo rher, knowing she is not going to be htere fo rhim). second…shock (terminal illness). third- coping up with that shock. fourth the girl coping up with that shock. fifth…their journey till she is there with him. lastly- parting. the last, parting, the way it was shown is fine with me. the rest that i mentioned above….nope. i didnt see the love between the two. i didnt see the shock on her face when she came to know of her illness. i didnt see the desperate effort of the guy to keep he rhappy. he kept her happy alright but then he too was going through something while doing all that for her. i didnt see that. their journey was like two people going on a trip…no boss. this is no ordinary trip.

            you get me? :).

            • Hemanth permalink*
              July 25, 2009 2:29 pm

              Hehehe…Yeah! I totally agree with you…couldn’t agree more about your point of view!…on a different note, are you from Hyd?…:)

  10. sri permalink
    July 25, 2009 2:32 pm

    🙂 nope. why?. did you agree to make me stop arguing or…:)

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 25, 2009 2:40 pm

      Naah…quite frankly, I hated “Walk To Remember”! Can’t tolerate mushiness to that extent, Probably that’s one reason why I liked “Oye!”…it wasn’t like…”God! I am gonna die!” stuff which I saw in “Walk To Remember!”. But then I think you have a very valid point about the strength of these characters in this film as you have written in the comment above. It’s definitely not an awful film as quite a few have written…but then it’s not a brilliant film either…I guess if they had all the elements which you say were missing, it could have been a very good film…:)

      • sri permalink
        July 25, 2009 2:46 pm

        🙂 yes. he first half was really good. specially the 3 scenes….his gifts, then proposing then the song. see that showed what it had to show. such strong emotions were missing which you can relate to in the secong half. i havent seen walk to remember…so there, just what you said…you compared this to that. n liked it. fair enough.

        again. when i say we have to relate to it…its not always necessay. films like harry potter, lord of the rings…purely fantasy….but they have elements that keep the grip on you till the end. THAT GRIP is necessary for any movie. 🙂

        but nice…:) you from hyd? nice to read you…your writing

        • Hemanth permalink*
          July 25, 2009 2:50 pm

          Yup..I am from Hyd…lets take this conversation offline…my email id is me…

  11. Sidhartha1894 permalink
    July 27, 2009 4:54 am

    This movie was some bullshit!


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