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2 for a Cause

June 25, 2009

Times have changed. We are no longer a generation who have the “chalte hai” attitude. Atleast there are quite a few people among us who believe in doing something, contributing their bit to the society and become a catalyst in changing lives of others. Web 2.0, Social media will stand testimony for the plethora of new organisations and groups who are making a difference in hundreds and thousands of lives mainly in the rural areas. Recently I came across a new Non-Profit Organisation called “2 For a Cause” based in Hyderabad and here’s what I found out from one of it’s founding member, Mr.Karthik Jasti…

Me: What’s “2 for a Cause” all about?

Karthik: 2 For a Cause, is about motivating people to do their bit for the society. Despite being a developing country, 40% of the population still lives below poverty line. We have various schemes by the Government aimed at providing basic amenities, healthcare, education etc., but still a huge chunk of our population doesn’t have access to those schemes due to various reasons. 2 For a Cause was started with an intention to fill those gaps and become a driving force of change especially in rural areas.

Me: You definitely seem to have some noble intentions. But tell me, why is it named “2 for a cause”?

Karthik: Well, the basic principle behind our organisation is to involve as many people as possible in our attempt to serve the society. So, we have come up with an idea to collect Rs.2 (INR) per day from our members, so that sums up to Rs. 60 a month, Rs. 720 a year. 60 bucks a month per person is not a big deal and when it can make an impact even in the smallest way possible, I am sure it’s worth it.

Me: Rs.2 a day? How many people are actively supporting your cause?

Karthik: Right now, there are about 25-30 people actively supporting our cause. I agree that it’s not a big number as of now, but we are in a very nascent stage. We are spending most of our time, trying to identify problems in rural areas and what can be done to address them.

Me: Don’t we all know what are the problems rural areas have been facing?

Karthik: Yes, we do. We know everything about our countryside, but we hardly do anything about it. The point is we all have to start from somewhere instead of waiting for the Government to solve all the problems on a large scale.

Me: Where all have you visited to understand the problems?

Karthik: Our first visit was to couple of villages near Srisailam. These villages were little in the interior section and not many people pass through these places. The dusty roads, lack of electricity and other basic amenities were abundant in this area. Last month, we went to villages near Pochampalli which is about 50 kms from Hyderabad. We noticed that there was lot of change in the type of problems which these villages face when compared to the problems in villages near Srisailam. Perhaps one reason is the proximity to major cities like Hyderabad. But as we go far away from cities and other trade centres, the problems become too rife to ignore.

Me: How did your organisation start? Were you always into what you are doing right now?

Karthik: It started off when we were in college. My friends and I had become more aware of the issues which the Government had taken up and the ways in which it was serving the people. We wanted to contribute our bit too. When we started off, our idea was to help the poor people who don’t get proper medical facilities in our hospitals because of their dismally low income. But then we realised that a lot of individuals were actively coming forward and donating huge amount of money to help the poor in these hospitals. We had to realign our goals and that’s how our organisation came into being in the present form.

Me: Are you aware of the NGO scene in Hyderabad? Do you have any tie ups with other NGOs?

Karthik: Oh…yes. There are a number of organisations which have sprang up in Hyderabad. And all of them are contributing to the society in their own way. We haven’t tied up with any organisation so far. Maybe we will…(smiles). We have had a keen look at what Byyraju Foundation has been doing and you can say it’s has been one of our major influences.

Me: What are the activities which “2 for a cause” has accomplished so far?

Karthik: Earlier this month we had gone to this village called Nagareddigudam which is about 30 kms from Hyderabad and distributed books and notebooks to the students in a Government school. Right now, we are working on creating more awareness about our organisation. Once people are aware of what we have been doing, we are confident that a lot of people will join us and with their contributions (whatever that sums up to) we will plan our future activities.

Me: What are your plans ahead?

Karthik: We are planning to visit the Flurosis affected areas in Nalgonda district and assess the problems in few villages. Of course, providing safe drinking water and sanitation is a huge task but our aim is to share knowledge and provide some tips to minimize the health hazard. This is probably why I keep telling my friends that we don’t have to change the system. Our major aim is to create awareness which will impact atleast someone to lead a better life.

So far, the buzz has been only around our friends and families. We are planning to approach corporate employees and people who are willing to help us in our endeavour. We want to present ourselves as a credible organisation and for that we have to do a lot more things before we take the next step.

Me: That sounds interesting. How did your parents react when they came to know about “2 for a cause”?

Karthik: My parents have been very supportive so far. We decided not to levy financial burden on our families when we started off this organisation. This has helped us in approaching quite a few people and convincing them to contribute for our organisation.

Me: Do you have any online presence where you interact with people interested in your organisation?

Karthik: We will be launching a website very soon about “2 for a Cause”. We do have a dedicated community on Facebook and Orkut.

Me: Any last words for everyone who’s interested?

Karthik: “2 for a Cause” is providing you a medium through which we can reach out to the poor and underprivileged especially in the rural areas. We appeal to everyone to come forward and help us in form of contributions (Rs. 60 per month) or helping us with your valuable advice to fine tune our plans and goals. You can mail us at – for more information about our organisation. All I can say is, it’s important that we care about our society no matter what we do. Let’s be Responsible.

Agreed! Wishing “2 for a Cause” all the luck and support possible. You can mail Karthik Jasti or Avinash at for all the information you are looking for. And Karthik can be reached at

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  1. July 28, 2009 4:37 am

    Hi Hemanth,

    I came across your blog looking for a review for the film “Boni”. I have ended up reading reviews for the movies I have already watched, very comprehensive review of the movies. Am very impressed on your writings, I think I will check your site more frequently. Also, what interested me is the interview with 2foracause. Please check out, they have some very good social projects going on and also yoga programs. Let your friends at 2foracause know of this organization as well. Wish you all the best, hoping to be in touch.

    • Hemanth permalink*
      July 28, 2009 9:54 am

      @viji: Hey, thanks a lot. you can mail me at….by the way do you work in IshaFoundation?…

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