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Boni : Telugu Movie Review

June 12, 2009

Two hours later as I brood if “Boni” is really what it promises to be, I convince myself saying that I couldn’t have expected much from it. Ever since I read about the basic storyline of this flick, I have had my reservations about ” Boni”. But then, thanks to some smart work by Director/Writer Raj Pippala “Boni” turns out to be a pleasant film. Starring Sumanth, Kriti, Trinethrudu, Jayprakash Reddy, Chandramohan “Boni” is the story of a kind-hearted guy who would go to any extent for the one he loves.

DD (Sumanth) and Chinna (Trinethrudu) are orphans who share a cordial relationship with the cook Saraswathi (Sudha) in their Ashram. She dreams of starting up a Tiffin center and when she passes away, DD and Chinna decide to fulfill her dream. After 12 years, the duo now works for Giri (Tanikella Bharani) who’s a local don. DD and Chinna , upon the recommendation of Giri start working under Das (Jayprakash Reddy) who’s a more menacing mafia leader in the city. Elsewhere, the daughter of a state minister, Pragati (Kriti) runs an NGO and is struggling to raise enough money to save the villagers from the clutches of a land shark. When she realises that her father is not whom she expected to be, she leaves the house and hatches a plan to get herself kidnapped and extort Rs. 4 Crores from her father. The plan goes awry and she finds herself in the company of DD and Chinna. Why is she there? Does she succeed in extorting the money from her father for a good cause? This forms the nexus for the rest of the story.

The story of “Boni” penned by Raj Pippala starts off on an extremely interesting note. He doesn’t waste too much time in introducing the characters and within no time sucks you into the drama. Sumanth who’s back on screen after almost 17 months fits his role to a tee.  He’s pretty good with his dialogues and action sequences. However when it comes to the sentiment and love aspect, the “Satyam” hangover still remains. Kriti, the latest damsel in tinsel town, is cute in her role. She has a well written role and she performs it with élan especially in first half of the movie. Despite a well established hero by his side, newbie Trinethrudu as Chinna does a great job. He’s not only funny and energetic but also has an incredible ease in all his scenes. Jayprakash Reddy as Das is brilliant. For once, he dons a different role and is hilarious to say the least. Chandramohan, Ahuti Prasad and Tanikella Bharani are apt in their roles. The comedy act by Satyam Rajesh and Naresh is kinda bland but the guy who plays the role of Karthik is hilarious.

I have never been a fan of Ramana Gogula’s music and somehow his music in this film doesn’t change my perspective. There are traces of tunes lifted from various films like Adavari Matalaki Ardhalu Veru, Athadu and Ghajini (Hindi) in the background score of this film, although they only last for about 5 seconds each. Cinematography by I Andrew is rich especially in songs. The variations used in colours throughout the film is pleasant. The camera angles used in various chase sequences and the way the camera pans the area facing Golconda are wonderfully shot. Editing by M R Varma is good. Raj Pippala who makes his debut as a director also handles the story and screenplay in “Boni”. He’s good with his direction and story but screenplay could have been better in the second half.

Love stories maybe the easiest of all genres to narrate, but to present them without too much cliche’ is a tough task. Raj Pippala runs through the half way mark with great style and panache. The initial scenes between Sumanth/Trinethrudu and Kriti and those between Jayprakash and his gang are well scripted and funny. But just when you think it’s gonna be a smooth ride something goes wrong and the film loses its steam as the time goes by. The second half of the movie goes a little haywire in its attempt to establish a sensible and logical love affair between the lead couple. As a result there are 2 songs unnecessarily thrusted into the film. In the end the film achieves what it tries to convey. It’s a sweet love story which is sweet, funny, charming, a little boring, a little disappointing, a little restless, a little predictable. But so is life.

Go watch it. “Boni” introduces some fresh talent to Telugu Film Industry. Don’t expect much out of it…. it’s not a bad film. It’s better than many other overhyped and useless thrash you see these days.

P.S: Probably we shouldn’t carry so much baggage of the past while watching a movie…give this movie a chance…will ya?

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  1. svr permalink
    June 12, 2009 7:54 pm

    just saw the movie i didnt the screenplay in this movie though the story line is very good a decent attempt but people will tell let it go “poni”

    • Hemanth permalink*
      June 12, 2009 9:31 pm

      @SVR: Yeah…the story became kinda predictable especially in the second half…decent flick…I seriously wish we change the way we watch movies. It’s unfair to rip apart a movie just because it doesn’t “entertain” you. There are so many different aspects which stand out in a movie…

  2. June 15, 2009 9:33 am

    Hey Hemanth,

    U r writing Telugu movie reviews a lot these days…
    Did u get to watch ny good English/Foreign lang movies..?

    • Hemanth permalink*
      June 15, 2009 4:09 pm

      @Anantha: Hey…yeah, been watching quite a few Telugu films off late…:). Will definitely write some fantastic foreign movies which I have seen recently…primarily, “The Lives of Others” (German), “Let The Right One In” (Swedish) and “Waltz with Bashir”(Israel). I agree that all three of them aren’t the latest releases…but they definitely need a mention on this blog…:)

      • June 16, 2009 2:40 pm

        Hv heard a lot abt ‘Lives of others’, but havnt watched it. I am adding the rest of the mentioned ones also in my yet-to-watch list..

        I got to watch two awesome movies off late – Man Push Cart (Dir: Ramin Bahrani) and The Straight Story (Dir: David Lynch). Dont miss these…

        • Hemanth permalink*
          June 16, 2009 3:59 pm

          You must watch “Lives of Others”. I would say it’s one of the most important political/humane stories ever made!..:). Waltz with Bashir is a gem of a movie as well…

          Thanks for the movie recommends…I had seen “The Straight Story” back in college…lovely movie. Will check out Man Push Cart sometime soon…:)

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