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Tattoos and True Lies…

May 27, 2009

The Hills.


Dear A,

Greetings from the Hills. Hope everything is going great in Chennapatnam. I haven’t written to you in a while and thought this is the best time to do so. A lot has been happening over the past few days. A Lot! Before going any further, I must thank you for your mail the other day. I hadn’t come across that website and without your mail I wouldn’t have known about the ticker message on that site…:) I shall mail them soon and hopefully something should work out soon. If not there, somewhere here in The Hills.

Two years ago, I had no idea if there were any city based Magazines in the Hills. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but now I see that there are almost a dozen catering mostly in the Entertainment and Leisure & Lifestyle segment. There’s so much happening here all the time. It does lag behind most other metros in the country, but right now with the amount of expansion going on in The Hills everything will change in another 2 years. Maybe 4. It’s high time that the O & M’s, Leo Burnett’s of the country concentrate a bit more on The Hills. I hardly know how much people earn here, I mean the so called Celebs/Socialites. But they definitely know how to splurge! The grapevine is that our Reddy alone is worth more than the entire economy of our neighbouring countries…well, that’s just a rumour. Someday you should do an indepth analysis of the opportunities here, tons of money is buried almost everywhere.

Ohh…yeah! We are the Nizams of IPL this time!!…:D. I have hardly followed IPL this time, with no TV at my place, the only source of final result of our team’s win is a handful of crackers bursting in some corner of the Hills. People go wild for almost every thing. The other day I was in Extreme Sports Bar here in The Hills. It’s one of the best place to go to any given day. People just went berserk for almost every boundary/Six/wicket irrespective of which team’s it was. Of course, I was concentrating more on the Tattoos around. Whosoever invented them, should be made immortal! It somehow adds a zing to the fairer sex, provided it’s the right one at the right place!..:P Butterflies are definitely out of vogue, but Eagle! Phew! Unbeatable! It’s such a brilliant style statement! I have seen some bizzare tattoos too…like a Sanskrit Verse! Hehehe…some serious competition to Jolie’s Cambodian Mumbo Jumbo!

I can’t believe it’s mid-year already! And Summer has always been scary, not because of the heat! Thanks to the recession, this year I see a lot of realignment of plans. Too many people have decided to write Civil Services Exams. Wow! With the number of people who are trying to crack the Civils code, it may very well be the next destination on par with IIMs, M.Techs, IITs. Another rat race! Sigh! It’s so hard to convince yourself that what may seem to be the best thing to do is not the right thing for you. It’s harder to convince our parents about this. They always seem to have a better understanding of almost everything under the sun. Atleast they think they do. Interesting part is, most of the times they hit the Bulls Eye which irks me beyond I can fathom. I think I may be, however hard I try not to, pushed into this Rat Race. The only solace is a hope that with time, things will again realign themselves. It’s like a Rubik’s cube. Right now, I am not the one who’s shuffling the lot. Maybe one day, it’s gonna be alright, like you always say…:)

The other day, I came across the letter of my farewell in the club. Tears swelled up. Didn’t know why though. It’s always nice to hear someone finding the right words to describe you. Atleast there are people who know you. I wish I could let others know what I can be. But the world always looks at what you are. I hate that. Yet, I can’t change it. Am I too young for that? These days everyone has only question for me. Wassup at workplace?! I guess I can’t crib about it. I have been waiting for something like this…although all I can do is get on with my usual routine! Yay!..:)

Enough of my mumbo-jumbo! I have gone too far with this. Let me know how are things going on with you? You didn’t tell me the nature of your work. Write to me sometime.



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