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Letters From The Hills-5

May 23, 2009

The Hills.



Greetings from the Hills. Well, well…I am glad to hear from you after so long! How many years has it been? Hmm..10 years?! Phew! That’s a really long time. Hope things have been great all these years. Continuing our conversation the other day, I think I have clinically skipped telling you details about my life so far. I wonder, if things are going to be ever the same again given the circumstances in which we live! Further, I guess the worlds we live in are getting complicated day by day. There’s so much to tell you…so much.

I have to agree that I hardly knew you in school. My first year there was nothing short of a roller coaster ride! Apart from coping with an alien culture, I couldn’t fathom all that hoopla about being the best. Yes, I did make some great friends and to this day most of us share the same camaraderie we did years ago. Of course, as days go by I hear about unusual stories and hidden secrets. I shall let them remain in the closet, for now…:). I didn’t stay in the school for long and within couple of years, shifted to another one which was a different story altogether. If the former was a place where I began to understand people around me, the latter turned out to be quite the opposite. The onus of outperforming everyone else was emphasized almost every other day. I still wish, I hadn’t left my former school but then there are things which you can’t control. The next couple of years was like shunning ourselves from civilization. I can hardly count the number of days when I would have reached home before Sunset. Finally, I did manage to go to THE FARM.

A lot changed in those 4 years at THE FARM. The desire to outperform died almost instantly the day I saw my first question paper. It was more a test for survival. And it turned out to be a gift, so precious that I can’t stop raving about. God knows how I dragged myself through those 4 years, but looking back I think I might have done some wonderful things to myself. I think I am still the soft sopken kid whom you knew in school and after college have become more down to earth. You can’t throw your weight around in a place where you stand almost last in the class!..:P. Leaving all this aside, the major thing I did was “Not Doing Anything”! It was a tricky situation. The Loss of Purpose was almost ubiquitous. Maybe I entered the Matrix. The divide between the real world and dreamland had almost blurred in my case. Probably, that’s one reason of my hopeless state after the stint at THE FARM.

Well then, that’s about me in the past 10 years. A little absurd, a little silly…:). Shall write more in the coming few days. How are things going on with you? We should meet sometime soon. Write to me sometime.



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