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Veedokkade (Ayan) : Movie Review

May 7, 2009

After some disappointing and at times even torturous dubbed flicks, finally Suriya’s
“Ayan” dubbed as “Veedokkade” in Telugu managed to revive the prospects of wide acceptance of Tamil flicks in their neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. The film, starring Surya, Tammanah and directed by K V Anand, is a good commercial potboiler combined with some sleek action and entertainment. What’s even more surprising is that, the film works to a point that you stop counting the number of bloopers while watching the film. Here’s what I think of the movie.

Deva (Surya) is the desi version of Leonardo Di Caprio (from “Catch Me If You Can”) in this flick. He’s intelligent and smart; someone who always has a plan B when the need comes. He fights goons in the shanty streets of Congo performing some cool stunts, he manages to trick the Customs Department everytime at the airport and always is one step ahead of his rival. Always. Yamuna (Tammanah) on the other hand, the love interest of Deva (Surya) is head over heels about him. And then there are rest of them who play pivotal roles in this flick with ease.

The film which has been made under the prestigious banner of “AVM Studios” doesn’t disappoint. Actually it works! And for a change, this is something which will to be stored in the hard disk of every grad student in college. Surya does a fantastic job in his role as “Deva”. He earns extra brownie points because the success or failure of this film solely depends on his acting prowess. Since he’s more than omnipresent in this entire flick, I presume it was more than important that he had to rise above the script and portray this character. Be it his body language, the ease with which he acts in the whole flick is in a way contagious. The often mentioned fight sequence, Yamakasi (This style is actually called “Parkour”), has been shot in the streets of Congo. Surya does a brilliant job here, especially for an Indian actor. If you want to see a much better version of this freestyle jumping across and around confined spaces and buildings check out Casino Royale or another French flick, District 13. After a disastrous act in “Ananda Tandavam”, Tammanah’s back with a vengeance. It’s not for nothing that she’s touted to be the next best thing to have happened to the South Indian Film Industry especially for Kollywood and Tollywood. With her extremely gorgeous looks and great screen presence, she will be a definite crowd puller for this flick. 😉 Prabhu does a good job as the godfather of Surya and so does the rest of his gang. The villain is perhaps the only weak link in the movie. For a movie of this magnitude, you certainly expect someone who’s intelligent in his place instead of the one who’s always waiting to get F****D by the hero. Maybe his role should have been written well.

On the other hand, Yes!  the movie does have few things to ponder upon. But who has the time to think about all that! Everytime you try to find a flaw in the script, the hero has already made his cool move and you sit there gazing with awe. It’s been a long time since I have come across a flick which doesn’t take your intelligence for granted. The film has the right style and with some awesome cinematography and screenplay, it’s surely a brilliant entertainer. KV Anand and his team need to be commended for their incredible work and the best thing to do is to not miss watching this flick.

I fail to understand the patriotism which springs up all of a sudden, whenever the question of accepting other’s work as better comes up! In the recent past, I must say Simbu’s “Maavadu” (Silambattam in Tamil) was passable; “Ananda Tandavam” was disappointing (the movie should have been made 15-20 years earlier). But “Veedokkade” (“Ayan” in Tamil) is way better than most other flicks I have seen this year in Telugu, Hindi.

Forget the ratings and the general talk about this flick, watch it before it gets kicked by “Kick”! Otherwise, you will be missing a slick action flick which boasts of a sensible script and some cool moves. This is what my friends from Tamil Nadu call “Sooooper” stuff! aka Kick Ass stuff. Two Thumbs Up!

Suggestion: Maybe we should stop watching such movies in Multiplexes. There’s no point, you are distracted by too many other things, so all you end up doing is concentrate on your cola and corn! Watch it in your local theatre, am sure it will be a different experience…:)

P.S: I still wonder what “Ayan” means? Do you know?


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  1. May 7, 2009 8:46 am

    My verdict: This is one of the most disappointing movies in recent times. I have no clue why Surya accepted this role (maybe to try his hand at a ‘mass’ movie after acting in some serious emotional/love hero roles and gaining popularity). I have no idea what Ayan is. Dialogues (though i watched in tamil) are plain simple, a very dirty ripoff of english movies,unnec song seqeunces,dragged to test patience …sigh!
    There are a couple of sequences that i liked though.
    can be a good watch for diehard Surya fans.

  2. Srikanth permalink
    May 7, 2009 9:57 am

    You did not speak about the romance b’ween tamanna and suriya in the movie.It was shown very foolishly i must say
    And OMG was sillambatam remade in telugu. OMG! Heights of madness…there are enough telugu movies like that…why remake a tamil movie
    Ayan was good partly because i went to the theater to escape the power cut at office

  3. May 24, 2009 7:39 pm

    An objective review 🙂
    I also thought of the movie as being pure entertainment, the kind of movie for which you should leave your brains outside the theatre to enjoy it 😛

    • Hemanth permalink*
      May 25, 2009 7:42 pm

      @Nivi: Well, I guess that’s the curse which the normal Indian commercial cinema has to love with!..:D

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