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Of Kerouac and Orwell…

May 6, 2009

This is not a book review of these two timeless classics! Both of them werewritten before my parents were born! A lot has been written and said about both these books, and I wonder if I can say anything new. I guess I can’t.



On The Road: The intensity is terrifying! 10 pages into the book and already you realise you have a great urge to pack your bags and hit the road. Brilliant book! I am shocked that I didn’t hear about this book till a year ago!…There I am, an Ignorant bum! A must read for those who are restless and impulsive.








 1984: A shocking portrayal of an imaginative dystopian world. Somehow, I am convinced that George Orwell had a time machine way back in 1948; the ease with which he paints this dystopian world is sheer stroke of genius. At another level, I keep thinking, maybe this book has given new ideas to the superpowers of the world to try and create new ways in warfare and controlling information. 60 years after the book was first published, a lot of things described in the book are already in action and the rest of them aren’t too far either. Fantastic, shocking and terrifying! A must read for everyone!

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