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Don’t try this at Home!

April 28, 2009

No. I am not talking about the finishing moves from WWE. This post has got nothing to do with wrestling. Yet, it is about wrestling. It’s about how we end up wrestling against some invisible forces, how we try to wrestle simple things which after a point appear impossible to ignore anymore.

10 years ago, I was introduced to the glorious era of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. They were my favourite wrestlers back then. I would even skip my studies for those couple of hours to enjoy their appearance on TV. So much was my addiction to TV and Wrestling. Although my mom never approved of my watching Wrestling, I did manage to get that 4-6 hours dose of wrestling every week. And one fine day, it just stopped. The wrestling didn’t, but my addiction did. I realised that there were other things to be done in life, loads of people to meet and interact, basically a whole new life to be led. This is what college taught me and life continues to teach me everyday.

What caught me offgaurd was the existence of ghosts from the past. They continue to haunt me everyday, a sort of reminder of my yesteryears. I can’t fight them off, because they sort of mock at me for what I have become. People say, 5 years down the lane, they will change the world. I don’t believe them. Probably, they are going to build yet another multi-million dollar business empire which I seriously doubt given the current circumstances. Afterall, we all live in a world which is more sluttish than anyone ever can be. No wonder, change is the only constant thing. So, does that mean you have to be a slut too to achieve your goals?

I can’t. Which is why, I have no clue of What and Why! I can’t make sense of the present leave alone making plans for future. It’s wonderful how we can only analyze the past (perhaps that’s one reason why I love History) and everything else seems experimental, a result of an accident! The wrestling has started and I have no clue whom or what I am fighting. Yet, every second, I get punched in the face and before I regain my composure, Wham! Here it goes again…again…again.

The match ain’t over yet. I guess it never will, before I say, “I, Quit!” The grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence afterall, it’s the same clouds and sun everyday on both sides of the fence. Maybe I am just seeing a mirage. I can’t explain what it is, but yeah from the other side of the fence, it looks beautiful. Almost a “Shire” like scene. Two years after college, I slowly realise what I have become. An Amnesiac. I can’t remember what I was 6 years ago. Loss of innocence. Maybe I have changed. Phew! I think too much. I have to stop my rant now.

Of course, you shouldn’t do all this while you are with people around. Everyone’s mad, so why bother giving away your part of madness. Whatever it is, Wherever you are…please…don’t try this at home. You still have to be the mama’s boy/girl, atleast that’s what they expect you to be!

P.S: I still love WWE, although I watch it for ‘other’ reasons!

P.P.S: I hope, my mom isn’t reading this blog! Else, I am screwed!..:P

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