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Let’s Have a Coffee…

April 14, 2009


The water kept on whooshing in the enclosure and I had got tired trying to count the bubbles on a lazy Sunday evening. Quite rarely does something look this peaceful. Serenity can sometimes be alarming especially when you encounter that amidst a chaos. Suddenly all eyes synchronize as if they were witnessing a magic! I tried not to turn around for it might grab too much attention and in doing so, I try to make sense of what might be grabbing their attention for so long….

They come in all the variations that God could think of! At times I wonder if He was half drunk while creating them for they are remind you that God could be a mundane artist! While others remind you what a Genius God can be! No wonder, we have two eyes…at times I wish there were 2 more! Whoosh…the water gurgles again, and the smoke vanishes in thin air.

Click. Click….poooooh….Someone coughs at the other end of the table.

Of all things inconsequential, I always wonder why the smoke dances in the air the way it does? It follows a pattern so sublime that if given a chance, probably you would end up seeing too many things in that split second. And yet, it vanishes in no time. The rings look fascinating, although for a short while. Sometimes I wonder, how frivolous our lives are…how little we care about everything which matters and instead spending our youth on trying to achieve something! Why? There’s no explanation for that…although I did come across some in the recent few years….


We think there’s too much of time left in us! We dream of doing things we have always wanted to do on our own without any care of what it will lead us to…we want to do something which would make us a class apart. But do we really do anything? I don’t think so. Although some of us do escape from the maze of abiding by the rules of society, most of us always look for a way out..

Phew! That was an 8.

No dude…that was a 9!

Ahan! Here we go again…I wonder who’s gonna win the battle though! As the I sunk in my chair and wonder what’s next, I look around to see people babel. As I see them talk about things which I hardly understand, things which I couldn’t care less about, things which make so much sense…all of them remind me that there’s no Next. Existence looses its value, if you can’t convert them to memories. And memories, well they stay on for a long time.

The lights at the horizon appear to shimmer and I fade away into the darkness of yet another night, wondering if there’s gonna be a tomorrow!

Atleast, for now, I feel at peace. And that’s something I wish comes  more often.

To  Harsha, Madhav, Nandy, Sathu, Chaitu, Praneeth!

For the Awesomest 10 days of the year so far.

For the days to come….


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  1. April 15, 2009 10:06 am

    Looks like you are everything dude 🙂
    Nostalgic,missing friends types aa 😀
    Have fun 🙂

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