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Cho Getting Married – Day 1!

February 16, 2009

July,2008: The excitement in my friend’s voice was resounding. I was in conversation with my friend who was 1000 miles away, but I knew that I was gonna hear something big. I took a random guess and wondered if an acquaintance of my friend had evinced interest in me, but that was not the case. Then she dropped the bomb, that her best friend was going to get married. The bride to be is a very good friend of mine too. For a moment, I couldn’t really say anything…what can you? Barely a year out of college, and your friends decide to get married…I was overwhelmed. It was only after I took a deep breath and told myself that my friend wasn’t bluffing, that I actually believed that this was happening…Phew! That definitely was one of the major events in 2008.

September, 2008: I happened to get few more details of how the whole affair started and couldn’t help smiling! It all happened so fast. Anyway, I couldn’t make it to the engagement in Chennai. I saw the pics a few days later and realised how happy she was. Probably that was the time I realised that she knew what she was doing, but still couldn’t believe it! It all happened so soon….

Feb 14th, 2009: Couple of days ago, the ceremony had begun. I must confess couple of things here, I haven’t been to a wedding in the past 10 years or so and also this was my first time to an Tam Brahm’s wedding. I had no clue what was about to happen considering the differences between ours and a Tam Brahms traditions. Although, there was a list of ceremonies to be held during the marriage, I thought this is how the marriages used to happen in earlier days. Couple of things struck me in particular, “Exchange of Garlands” and “Mangalya-Dharanam”. (More details on that later…)

6:30 PM: Perhaps I was a bit late to arrive at the venue, the festivities had already begun. Someone told me that, the day before the actual wedding is when “Janavasam” takes place. This is when, the Baraath arrives at the Kalyana Mandapam as a procession and then there’s dancing. Oh…boy! I couldn’t believe it, the bride (she’s a pro dancer) just went berserk! The groom along with his family joined the party and everyone just went crazy…this definitely was no emotional attyachar…but the high point of the ceremony was watching, 80 year old grandpas and grandmas adding the zing with their moves. I have never seen anything like that, ever! Would you believe this, the bride actually wanted more of the dancing with everyone possible…so, it just went on and on and on…till probably when everyone was tired.

8:30 PM: I met couple of my friends from college and got introduced to few more common friends (sadly, the presence of  ‘young’sters was conspicuously low!). Nevertheless, after a huge BITSian get together sorts, everyone decided to call it a day and come back early in the morning for the muhurtham.

10:30 PM: Our banter hadn’t stopped yet. After having met so many people around, it all started to come back. The days in college, the early introductions, the amazing ways of finding an arbitrary link between people, the bonding, the joys, the sorrow, the jubilation. I realised that, once upon a time not too long ago, I had a life. And I was missing so many things now, like the routine of sleeping after sunrise, the gossip sessions at 5 (in Sky), the buzz around the campus, too many things…Few minutes later, we met a colleague of the bride who had few interesting things to tell about his college life and the work. Interesting chap, probably he was more confused than I was about the rituals and traditions of an Iyer Wedding. He was from Punjab.

12: oo PM: Just 3 of us stayed back at the marriage hall. Our conversation occasionally interrupted by the trains passing next to this place…the wind not too breezy, the predictions of who’s gonna be next on the line. My friends convinced me that I would end up watching a Tamil, Malayalee, Telugu Brahmin and a Kshatriya wedding! And also that perhaps I would end up writing about the differences in these styles 😛 (Probably, this is the first series of that book!). Another interesting thing I was told by my friends:

1. Telugu Brahmin Weddings are perhaps the longest, they go on for atleast 2-3 days (That’s what Rajeev claims!).

2. Mallu weddings are the shortest. Everything is wrapped up in 3-4 hours!!! (That’s what Akshaya claims!).

Just then, I was informed by my roomie that, the Pub Bharo Andolan was a big hit in Hyderabad. The hoopla was bigger than the New Year Bash. Woah…talk about Girl Power. Power Puff Girls and the Pink Chaddis…seem to have got along really well. We were all zonked after a point of time, and I had to break my routine of not sleeping before 3 AM. The night didn’t last long. The Sun had to rise in the East. And tomorrow, someone is going to lead an altogether new life. The rest of us, would have to wait…

Day 1 of the marriage ceremony had just come to an end.

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  1. February 16, 2009 11:37 am

    Yes i was part of it and was there a mention of my name in this post! 😀

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