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Are you single?

February 14, 2009

Out of 365 days in a calendar year, the emphasis that one is lonely, single, bored all boils down to this day, Feb 14th. Valentine’s day. I wonder, if  St.Valentine knew what an icon he would be one day! Interestingly, you maybe surprised to know that,  nobody is sure who St.Valentine actually was! There are three different etymologies of his legend, as described here on “History Channel“. I didn’t know either!  When I think about Valentine’s day, images of lonely nights spent watching movies,  eavesdropping at the couple’s conversations or just plain bitching about everything in life zoom all over me! But then every year, I have seen some interesting things as well. For example, the probability that a girl would go out with the same guy the next year is less, the sale of “Love Balloons” is ridiculously high, PDA is almost to an unbearable extent on this day, and there are always people trying to scare the love birds around! It’s all part of life…

10 years ago, when I was in school, Feb 14th was declared a holiday. I am not sure if there was some other occassion that day, it just was a holiday. I asked my friend about this and he said, “It’s Valentine’s day!”. That was my introduction to this day. But then, I have never got lucky I suppose, so no point elaborating on what Valentine’s day means to me stuff…:P. 6 years later, while I was in college, Rose day was purposefully celebrated on Valentine’s day! (Ahh…that’s a brilliant Marketing Strategy!). Everytime, a guy or a girl got a rose from some “anonymous” admirer, apart from a lot of “ooooooooooooohhhhhhs” and “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhsssss”, the mind games would begin to trace the secret admirer. I wonder, if these mind games were the reason behind why so many people realised they were in love/they had a crush on someone! But then, a lot of times, these roses were sent by their own wingies/sidees…another master stroke!

Well, I did send couple of roses, with my full name written on it! Of course, they weren’t red!..:-P. I think either I was too scared, or I just realised quite early that there was no point! Something happened in the spring of 2005. Out of 12, only one of my friends was in a relationship. So, the rest 11 of us, the band of brothers, dressed in saffron drawing inspiration from RSS, sat in the middle of the couples and started blabbering about why it’s great to be single! Absolute bliss…even if others thought it was weird! That was the time, when we got an opportunity to point out the absurdity and generate lot of gossip about who had gone out with whom! Some interesting, some medicore. But life went on and in the mean time, I saw a whole lot of change in relationship dynamics in college.

Probably, that’s when I realised that it doesn’t take long to fall in love. As it is the issue with business, technology, Love also has issues related to Continuity, Sustainability! A year later, in 2006, our band of brothers, fell to just 4! It’s not that the rest 7 were into a relationship, maybe they had become more mature then. Sitting under the heavens with the stars twinkling, I ended up sipping some hot coffee smiling at all my acquaintances and bumping into couple of very close friends for a little chat. Not long after that, everything changed. I was almost about to hallucinate…about the life in yesteryears and the age of innocence. What the heck, I still enjoy my bowl of the best chocolate and feel good after watching Notting Hill, Kate and Leopold and dozens of other movies like that. Atleast someone was happy…someone whom I can’t see. Because in their eyes, I see my lonliness on that day…and it bloody pisses me off!

Two years after having seen the last valentine’s day in college, I still count the number of victims to Cupid! Sadly, Cupid forgot to tie them forever, he just pricked them for sometime. Maybe, you don’t have to be around for so long. Sometimes happiness is in the moment of being. Every day. Every Year. And finding a new valentine adds value to the knowledge/human chain! It’s not that, I have been wearing a shield to protect myself from Cupid’s arrows, but I strongly believe that Cupid has continuously struck me, sometimes too severe to withstand! But often, he forgets to initiate the same chemical reaction on the other. So, the net result is just nill. I end up being single everytime. Hehehe….

Sometimes, it’s an absolute bliss to be single. Sometimes it’s not. Some say, it’s freedom, some say it’s plain boring. The truth is, “You are what you are. Why do you have to be someone else, when you have a life of your own?”.

Amen…celebrate…feast…drink…fall in and out of love. It’s all part of the game. And I look upon the stars, dreaming of yet another day…yet another year.

P.S: I think, All couples should celebrate and if you are in India, think twice before going Pink!..:P

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