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The Pink Chaddi Campaign!

February 10, 2009

I have an absolute hatred for Pink! I can’t stand when Pink overshadows almost every other colour in our daily lives. My college life stands testimony of how this colour has been abused over and over again, sometimes even by guys! And I would go berserk and bitch about it all day with couple of my friends. Perhaps one of our favourites activities, was to count the number of “Pink”s around, believe me the count never ends and eventually we used get tired of it.

But as opinions do change over a period of time, the pink story got a makeover on 5th February, 2009. A Delhi-based journalist working with Tehelka, Nisha Susan, initiated The Pink Chaddi Campaign to revolt against the atrocious manner in which women were manhandled in a pub in Mangalore last month. So, what’s the Pink Chaddi all about? Nisha appeals to men and women across the world to stand up against Sri Ram Sene and its chief Pramod Muthalik. That’s not the end of this movement, in addition to raising your voice against Ram Sene, a pub bharo andolan, the movement also calls men and women to send the cheapest possible “Pink Chaddis” to Pramod Muthalik on Valentine’s day! How crazy can it get?!

The official blog of the campaign is an instant hit. With over 4000 men and women signing up in support of this cause, the blog alone has over 340 followers! For complete details on what it’s about and what you can do to support the cause, go to the official website,

With thousands of bloggers taking active participation in this campaign, the movement has also been brought to lime-light by the mainstream media. Check out the article on TOI today. Another article in Also I hear that BBC is covering this campaign. If Gandhigiri had a rose, this campaign raises a pink flag (is it stinky too??!..:P). But not everybody is impressed, check out this article by Sakshi who has a different perspective on this issue.

Saffron Vs Pink, the battle is sure gonna be interesting! Lets see what actually happens on Feb 14th. The pub owners are gonna rake in a moolah (unless they offer free drinks!), and garment shop owners, make sure you have too many pink chaddis on this occasion and Sri Rama Sene office+Pramod Muthalik, make sure you have enough hangers/space in your house, otherwise it’s gonna rain PINK all over you.

I think I love the logo! And the movement…Yes, I support the idea behind it..:)! But I have better things to do than shopping for Pink stuff. I just can’t stand it…I wouldn’t even give my worst enemy anything remotely Pink!…:D

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