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Luck By Chance : Movie Review

February 5, 2009

Movies have never stopped to surprise us. Be it the breath taking locales of Alps or the islands in South-East Asia, there has always been something spectacular about Hindi films. Off late, quite a few directors have focused their story telling on individuals and their environs, thereby shunning the whole concept of having to shoot abroad (for songs!). The phenomenal growth and success of multiplexes has indeed helped in sustainence of off-beat movies. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Sorry Bhai, President is coming, Bheja Fry, Dasvidaniya, Aamir are all part of this new wave of cinema which is sweeping the entire country in the recent couple of years. And last week’s release, “Luck By Chance” directed by Zoya Akthar is the latest addition to that list of brilliant concepts.

“Luck By Chance” is the story of two struggling actors, Vikram Jai Singh (Farhan Akthar) and Sona Mishra (Konkana Sen) who are trying hard to make it big in the film industry. But out of the two, only Vikram is able to land himself in a big production with a good amount of luck helping him. As the two start traversing in different directions, a void grows in their relationship and everyone around them and the two have a fallout. And it leaves us with something to ponder upon, how much do people change to make their lives better?!

I haven’t seen Farhan’s earlier movie “Rock On” (I know, I have been lazy!) so this is the first time I have seen him act. Although, he doesn’t overplay his emotions thereby saving us a lot of trouble, he still can improve a lot. Somehow, I find it difficult to accept him as the hero, especially in this film when after every 5 minutes or so, you see people like Aamir, Shahrukh, Hrithik and others. Konkana, does a good job in her role, she already has performed such kinda roles before in her career! But it’s the other characters in the story who make this story so endearing that you can’t take your eyes off when they are around. Rishi Kapoor is brilliant as “Romi Rolly”, the producer. He’s very expressive and has a brilliant diction and spontaneity in all his expressions. Watch him in the scenes where he is conversing with his wife (Juhi Chawla)…he’s sweet! Dimple Kapadia dazzles on screen with her controlled emotions and at times the intensity and chirpiness in her acting shows that she still that damn good! Isha Sharvani is cute and shows flashes of brilliance now and then. Check out her dialogues while she’s with Farhan during the film shooting…brilliant. I would want to watch the movie again just for that part!!..:)

The two guys who acted as the friends of Farhan deliver a credible performance. And coming to the cameos, Hrithik has a terrific screen presence. Although his character isn’t really touched upon in later part of the movie, he engages the audience as long as he’s on screen. Aamir, Kareena, Abhisekh, John, Akshay and Shahrukh are good in their parts. I think I loved the cameo by Anurag Kashyap more than the others. It ain’t easy to mock yourself, as Anurag does when he accepts that he had written the script based on a foreign dvd which the director gave him! Sanjay Kapoor is a big surprise…he’s fantastic.

The credit for the whole thing should go to the writer and director, Zoya Akthar for her beautiful script. She makes the characters so vulnerable (some even end up crying!) that it’s hard not to sympathize with them. Honestly, I wouldn’t believe that this was her debut film, if I hadn’t read about it earlier. She’s definitely here to stay. At the end of the day, the movie, as people say is not fast paced. But it is exactly where its beauty lies. There’s enough time and scope for each and every character to evolve into something beautiful. Probably it’s exactly for this reason, it’s hard to find fault with anyone in the film.

It’s a film on films. The behind the scenes story and how luck plays an important part in our lives. In someways, the film always talks about our greed, values, morality, pursuit of success and what all we end up doing to achieve that. It’s hard to put all these things into words, because it’s somehow a very subjective point of view. Watch it…and be patient…you will definitely enjoy it. A big thumbs up for Zoya’s debut. She might just be the next big thing which Hindi film industry should watch out for.

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  1. sap permalink
    February 5, 2009 6:37 am

    i quite liked the movie.

    • Hemanth permalink*
      February 5, 2009 3:01 pm

      @sap…yeah…lovely movie…I like the flow in this film, not many broken threads. And atlast we have a meaningful story in Hindi!…Phew..:)

  2. moviebuff permalink
    August 5, 2009 8:33 am

    Hi Hemant

    I am new to this blog and this the first review of yours i am replying to.

    Well I saw the movie and I really didnt have that many praises for it.
    For the complete duration of the film why was this made in the first place.
    The movie has nothing new to it, many movies in the recent past dealt with the same topic.
    I read that the director waited for 6 yrs to make this movie, I have a simple question to ask “WHY”.

    Performances are average, guest appearances look imposed and tacky, hero is a misfit…..believe me he was better in “Rock On”.

    For me the only thing that stands out is that the glamorous is played by the hero and not the heroine.

    Love to hear your views :))

    • Hemanth permalink*
      August 5, 2009 10:02 pm

      @moviebuff: Thanks for dropping by….here’s what I think about the movie.

      Q. This topic has been already dealt with. Why again?
      -Well, probably you are right. But look at the way the story has been handled. It never gets over the top and given the kind of approach and narration, Zoya Akthar has in this movie…I think it was one of the best films made by a debutante (as a director).

      Q. Why did it take 6 years?
      -Maybe Zoya is counting the time from the day she wanted to write something like this. Trust me, I end up taking atleast 2 hours to write a 1000 word movie review…you can just imagine the kind of effort one has to put to write a good logical script for a movie. Moreover there are quite a few number of drafts…and convincing people to act in this film.

      Q. The movie was boring and performances are average?
      -I think, the merit of a movie cannot be judged on how interesting or how boring it was. Of course, if one goes to a movie just to get entertained…then there’s nothing much about it. Cinema and its interpretation is very subjective…and I can’t quote why this movie is good or bad…it would still not be convincing to you. About the performances…most of the characters underplay to a large extent…so, there’s nothing much which hits you enormously…you could check out the finer details like the expression in eyes/faces while they act…one of my favourite scene is when Isha tells Farhan…”My mother is sleeping.”…very very seductive, yet she looks too innocent in that scene.

      This film may not be a masterpiece…but it’s just the right kind of film which shows that there’s still some hope for good stories.


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