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Twestival @Hyderabad…

February 4, 2009

Don’t be baffled…the post title is not a typing error! I have just been introduced to a whole new world of Twitter, which is also called as Twitterverse (an off-shoot of Universe). Twitter, a micro-blogging platform has become such a rage on the internet, that I am surprised why I have stayed away from it for so long. Maybe not anymore…I think I am addicted to it now. What I find so cool about it, people on twitter are somehow more spontaneous, unlike other social networking sites, where the conversion rate of getting a reply or building a rapport is kinda slow. I find myself immersed in reading quite a few blogs each day and I am thoroughly enjoying most of them. Recently came across couple of bloggers who are on twitter as well, who have been travelling across the world for the past couple of years….how amazing is that! It’s also a brilliant source for getting live updates, (check out Gaurav Mishra’s coverage of a panel discussion yesterday on twitter!). And the buzz just doesn’t stop there. Activism and information sharing are perhaps two most important and interesting things which keep me hooked on to this site all day!

#twestival #hyderabad.

On 12th Febraury, 2009 more than 175 cities across the world, will host a #twestival for bringing together twitter communities (and the rest) for an evening of fun and raise awareness and money for Charity:Water.

To know more about this #tweetup and #twestival, click here. And for Hyderabad specific details, you can go to this page

For more details on this #twestival in #hyderabad, contact Sameer Panchangam @ sameer_panchangam [at] yahoo [dot] com.

I think, I am gonna be there. Anyone else coming for the #twestival?. Think about it…

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  1. February 12, 2009 6:19 pm

    Hey! Unfortunately the twestival couldnt happen today. But we were thinking of a tweetup tomo in early evening. Let me know if u are interested and do spread the word.

    Venue CCD @ Somajiguda
    Time: 4pm onwards

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