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February 2, 2009

If there is something which I find hard to get along…it has got to be the machines! Over the past few decades, machines have moved on from being a part of our lives to something so pivotal that our lives depend on we getting along with them and surviving on them. And to run those machines, there are Micoprocessors/ programs/software running in the backend. There I go…that’s exactly why I hate software/coding/backend. I am more happy using their offerings to make life simpler(??)…

I think there’s some invisible power which strikes back with a powerful vengeance everytime I try to handle a gadget…here are some of the products which I may or may not have screwed up…but they all have ceased to co-operate, which is say that the gadget is dead!

Nokia 1100
Creative Zen Music Player
Motherboard burnt ($150~)
Dead..doesn’t get detected!
The little ball bearings have been lost umpteen times!!!











The total cost of all these   casualties must have caused a loss of atleast $250-$300 to my already screwed up bank balances…and if the recent incidents are anything to go by, there are more to come!!!..

Somebody, save me! Right now, am desperately trying to bring my Compaq back to life. It’s an old one, but nevertheless has been my partner for the past 3 years…and now it’s dead. Reason…I presume it couldn’t take the load after I installed Windows Service Pack 2 last night!…:(

Save Me…Save Me…Save Me….Machines are killing me!…


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