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Raaz-2 : Movie Review

January 28, 2009

It would be an act of treason to one’s love for good cinema, if someone tries to actually think and write about this new release from Mahesh Bhatt’s camp called “Raaz-2..the Mystery Continues”. If you have strongly to decided to see the movie despite countless mixed responses, then there could be two reasons.

1. You are so bored in life that the only salvation is to see something which is more boring than your status quo and feel good about it.

2. You are one of those movie buffs who goes to the cinema with a gut feeling that it wouldn’t be that bad either.

Guess what…sitting there for over 150 minutes, I am all drained and tired and bored….So, instead of cursing my luck (read as instinct) which led me to see this movie, I am playing the good samaritan role quite akin to Emran Hashmi with that psychic look and warn you…”Something bad is about to happen to you in those 150 minutes. You will come out zonked wishing you hadn’t done that.” It’s wouldn’t be a bad idea if you wanna take your dear ones out to this movie…ample time to do XYZ things and occasionally freak out ….:P

To put it simply in 2 lines…all I have got to say is

“Yeh Raaz asudh Hai;

Har Taraf se sadh chuki hai”

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