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Satyam: The Inside Story

January 23, 2009

Finally, the inside story is out. All the gossip mongers and news craving people read on to understand the situation at ground zero…

All queries regarding the day to day operations of the company will be addressed soon. If you cannot supress the excitement, please refer to the zillion websites and newspapers. They know more than what everyone in the company put together knows! And if you wondering, the level of transparency is from the management…I am elated to share the news that, they are doing great job in addressing the queries and also reiterating their stance that the reports in media are baseless.

Muhahahaha….Well…yeah….this the inside story. Day In and Day Out. I know as much as the rest of you know. And if you know something that I don’t know, please feel free to share some useful info. For the time being, I am going boink…doink…boink…doink…zoink…burp….boink…doink….

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