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What does it mean to get *&^%#@ ??

January 22, 2009

[beep] [beep][beep]…[beep][beep]…..and I wake up from a nightmare!

It’s in a way easy to escape from the deluge of zillions of questions and conversations..I just say 3 words..”I don’t know”. Couple of days ago, a friend of mine was so concerned about me, that I found it difficult to suppress the feeling of having got *&^%#@ due to the current crisis. But then, the expression of concern is totally justified…no wonder, people are extra sweet and humble when the other person is in a turmoil. And as a token of graditude I express my solemn regards with great respect for all you humble souls out there.

In India, people have hardly been accustomed to the concept of being fired. And whenever something like this happens, there’s a messiah whom people lookup to and by hook or crook, the deed gets done for the greater good of people and to the agony of the firms which did fire in the first place. This is happening right now in Mumbai…and although I can’t take sides of what’s happening out there, all I can say is, I can empathize with the plight of those who have been given the slips! Maybe my time (or is it thousands more like me?) is soon in the offing. The only difference is, there’s no messiah in sight. Everyone is playing a blame game and talks about binging into a share of the pie and not the pie in totality. Even if someone does take the whole pie, they will make sure the pie is devoid of all the wastage and add-ons!…No wonder, these days, I have an overwhelming feeling of being *&^%#@.

Heard of that old quote in India, “Yatha Raja, Thatha Praja”?. No other quote can do justice to the state of affairs now…Life’s going a full circle, but like the stock prices of the firm, everything is down. Still struggling to wake up and stand still and walk tall…in the wake of the zillion contradictory reports and the “candid” comments which all the “trade analysts” give, thank you very much! You have spurred a great amount of self-introspection in me and as I try harder and harder…the more I do!

Yay…Life indeed is a paradox! But for the time being…I still am *&^%#@…

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