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5 things I hate about myself…

January 15, 2009

Sometimes it’s so difficult to point out and say exactly what’s wrong with oneself and where we can improve in general. Taking inspiration from Sigmund Freud , one can possibly come close to understanding one own self. The following is a small compilation of things I absolutely hate about myself. The list is not exhaustive…

5. I am a nightmare to those beside me while watching a movie. Either I get too involved and “jump with joy” or end up with a strong sense of boredom.

4. A fetish for being politically correct and righteous, thus preventing myself from experimenting with life!

3. Choking myself right on the “important” occasions in life. If it wouldn’t have been so, I wonder if I would have started blogging in the first place!!

2. A belief that life usually doesn’t imitate art, and hence, I cannot be the superhero as described in books/movies. The consequence of this disbelief could possibly be a reason for above mentioned trait.

1. The reflection I see in the mirror when I stand infront of it….I guess this has changed now, the day when I read “The Game”.

As I age slower than the speed of my thoughts, I suffer from a severe condition of “la pérdida de efectos”. There’s lot of unfinished business…glory road ahead…a renaissance soon in the offing. But for now, I am so perfectly imperfect! Quite ironically, life’s a paradox!

After thoughts…. It’s funny how people see new things from mundane words…I wonder why do people have to see…”imperfect” differently…some say, it’s actually “i m perfect”!

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