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Will Vivek Paul be the new CEO of Satyam?

January 13, 2009

Quite likely, if you still do believe in newspapers!!! Apparently, the name of Vivek Paul is doing strong rounds as the board looks at various options to appoint the new CEO.

At this moment, this is just a rumour and speculation reported in some newspapers, and no one knows if exactly this is indeed what going behind scene. If it does happen so, then I am sure we have got the right man for the job! The growth story which Wipro essayed while Vivek Paul was it’s CEO is remarkable. Right now, Satyam offers a challenging task to the new CEO (whoever that is!), and the need of the hour is a visionary and someone whom the whole industry can look upto.

We always keep talking about “Adding Value”. Lets do the same while choosing the right person for the job as well. Saving the firm might be the numero uno necessity for now, but also marching ahead with a force never seen before requires a conviction which everyone talks about, but only few have!

Together. Yes. We Can.

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  1. January 14, 2009 5:19 pm

    For a change our Politicians have done a wonderful job by nominating these 3 stalwarts on the board of Satyam.

    Now these 3 wizzards need to given a free hand to try & steer Satyam out of its present mess. The first step would be by recruiting a captain (CEO) and his radio officer (CFO) for navigating the Satyam ship out of troubled waters.

    It would do a world of good if they can be accorded absolute operational freedom by the babus, netas & especially the insensitive press.

    Star Captains like Vivek Paul can make a huge difference, but anyone with a decent background & willing to take on this extreme challenge with a single minded focus on resurrecting the Satyam business should be good enough.

    Exciting times ahead for sure…

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