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Back On Track…

January 13, 2009

Hurray….Life definitely seems to have come back on track. It’s all coming back isn’t it?! The three musketeers onboard seem to have cleared some fog and brought in the much needed sense of peace and calmness. One good thing about them is that, they understand the enormity of the task ahead. I am glad to hear them say that, getting back in business will require a series of quick and intelligent decisions. The sense of peace is because of the reiterated stand on the top priority of the company in the immediate future…customers…employees…investors!..Sweet! We haven’t been forgotten.Yet.

The statement by Kamal Nath that the Government would pump in cash to keep the company going if needed is an added advantage, but raising cash to a level where the business can sustain on its own will require going back to foreign and domestic investors, banks. Now, more than ever, they hold the key to our survival. This daunting task is still possible with the set of new board of directors who have taken control and I hope to see some positive outcome in the coming few days.

As I sit here, and wonder who our new CEO is gonna be…I ponder over some stalwarts of India Inc. Out of all those who have or continue to make their presence felt…I wonder, if our best bet is…Narendra Modi. He the man the whole corporate specturm is looking upto! If the can attract investments to the tune of close to 2 lakh crores…I say, he’s perfect!!! Since that is highly impossible atleast for now…the game’s on! Who’s gonna be the new CEO and write a new chapter in India Inc, as the one who brought he firm back to where it was….

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