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5 Questions People Ask…

January 10, 2009

People who are very concerned about you indulge in a great amount of pampering sometimes. So much so that, each question they put across is perhaps your biggest dilemma as well. And especially when things aren’t rosy (read as, the time when everyone around realises that you exist), the pampering and gruelling with tricky questions has no bounds. I got couple of calls from people, who till few days ago, talked once in a blue moon. Here are some frequently asked questions which I have come across, and quite possibly most of you too as well…

They: Are you fine now? I was worried about you!

Me: Awwww…I am alright. Thanks for asking anyway… (What would happen to me!!! I have learned to survive in college and thanks to some great experiences back then, I can withstand environmental, academical, psychological crisis that a normal man is capable of!!!…:P)

They: What will happen to your job? (With a sympathy which deserves an oscar!!)

Me: I don’t know…lets see what happens. (WTF do you care if I have one or not…if you were so concerned then please stop asking such questions and let me be in peace!)

They: Why did he do such a thing? Did he really siphon all that money?

Me: I am not sure…there have been too many reports on air. Lets wait and see what happens in future when the actual stuff comes out. (Do you suspect that even I have got some share in that pie???!!! And am not a PA/Auditor/Insider to know why and how he did it! I can hardly count on fingers those who know I am in the company…who cares anyway?)

They: What’s your future plan?

Me: Too early to say anything. All the job sites are already flooded with new resumes…maybe I will take a break! (Don’t worry…am not gonna do any silly thing! If you are so concerened about my future, do another favour, if you don’t know me properly, stop giving me advice on what I should have done in first place. And if you know me…then drop in a word for me as to what alternatives I have!!!)

They: Any plans of doing MS/MBA?

Me: Yessssss…..but probably I need to survive for another year here in India. (This is the only question to which I have an answer…and thanks to my friends, who always have an appropriate and brilliant suggestion, my plans of higher studies are still strong.)

Sometimes I wonder, why most of us follow this standard template! The irony is, although most of us seem to ask the same questions, not all of that is irritating. It’s only when people expect an emotional outburst while asking these questions, when everything gets damn irritating. At times, these five questions from “few” people is the most you crave for…because you know they are always there for you…sweet!

Wise Words:

Confucius Says – “The Superior Man is aware of Righteousness, the inferior man is aware of advantage.”

I guess I have always had some wonderful set of friends who have always had the right words for all occasions…Thanks a Lot for your support…things get murky when you have to face a series of bouncers from total strangers…Wisdom always lags behind most of the times!!…:(

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  1. January 12, 2009 7:06 pm

    not sure what to comment

  2. Hemanth permalink*
    January 12, 2009 11:01 pm

    @Shrinidhi: If you empathize with the situation…then I am sure we both understand the complexity!..:D

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