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When People Go Bonkers….

December 20, 2008

Life is a funny thing. There are those who sit on one side of the prism and say, life’s colourful and some sit on another side and say, life’s got too much variety and so on. So, what happens when all these perspectives culminate? Well, I don’t know…quite frankly, I think, either people go crazy, or we see a whole new set of species who are more sensible and intelligent.

We in Hyderabad, have been grappling with a new wave of disease called political fever. And in this madness, a code has been set to reach each and every one of us through enormous publicity. Look around, and you will find trillions of small party flags, thousands of vehicles claiming to support some or the other party and hundreds of cars labeled as “ MLA/MLC” and yada…yada. I must add that, some are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt, so much so that the basic ideology of electing a leader is questionable. These days, I have been coming across hundreds of hoardings of countless youth who have put there “100 watt glowing and smiling” photo along with their friends, claiming to be supporting some “God Knows Who” political leader. I am sure I will bear witness a lot more action in the coming days, and have every intention of writing something about it. Here’s one such poster I have come across…have a look.

For those of you who cannot understand Telugu, here’s the translation of the content in the poster…

“World is beautiful.
And without eyes it is meaningless.


On the Occasion of Jagan’s Birthday, please donate your eyes.

Jagan Charitable Trust”

By the way, Jagan is the son of the current Chief Minister of A.P, Mr.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy. Correct me if I am wrong Mr.Jagan, I went bonkers, when you (or atleast people supporting you) appealed to the public to donate their eyes on the “occasion of your birthday”. You couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift?!…:D…What next? You want people’s blood, kidneys, liver, heart for several of your family member’s birthdays?! It’s a very noble intention to run a charitable trust, but it would be even great if you were more sensitive to people. Maybe next time, you can try to appeal to a broad set of audience sans your name on it, atleast not in the body of the poster…let people judge you for what you are. I have already seen some communities on orkut, which have termed you as the equivalent of “Rahul Gandhi” in A.P…and I wish you good luck for that!

I think, this is only the beginning of what promises to be a great election in the state this time. Already three lions are showing their prowess across the state, but we will have to wait a watch who stands up to be the fourth of the lions. It’s funny, because, an election which is soon assuming a strong flavour of caste, political affliations and bias cannot be fair! Unless we, the people, stand up for what we truly believe in and try to make a difference. I think God has a plan for us this time, He’s playing this mind game to see how far can people go to make things happen…and as we go on constructing our Tower of Babel, He’s watching us…waiting for the moment when we forget what we are and who we are….and then…He will strike upon thee with fury and great vengence.

P.S: I am not a supporter of any political party…am just a ghost around…am just a common man!…:D (I know, I contradict myself!..)

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