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Go Fly Kites…

December 11, 2008
Amazing as it may seem, but there’s no wonder that for once the leading political parties in India have reached a consensus. At last! And riding on the pulse of the populace, both Congress and BJP have taken a united stance on terrorism. This is where the brilliance of both the parties lies in. Both of them have had their share of ups and downs in the recent past, be it some high profile BJP members involved in Malegoan blasts, mutual slandering and mixed results in the recent state elections and yes, of course the major embarrasment which the Congress Government had to face in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. At this juncture, this united stance assumes significance.
For once, they seem to have put their political differences behind and get down to some action. BJP is in a fix, because it doesn’t have a face to portray as a dynamic and charismatic leader for the next elections. (Accept it…Advani is too old!). Same’s the case with Congress, unless of course, due to an extra-ordinary turn of events, Rahul Gandhi is touted to be the next PM! I wouldn’t be surprised anyway. I have always wondered, why from a country of 1 billion plus we haven’t been able to select 550 (or somewhere around that) leaders who can lead! All we see is some bunch of folks fighting with each other because the other had interefered in one’s area of influence. I bet people would end up laughing on the floor, if there was a positive statement from the opposition about anything which the ruling party does. (Which is what I am doing now…after having read that both the parties have reached a consensus!!!).
Now that there’s a consensus, the obvious question is, what’s the way ahead? Will we see another war? Or a spate of economic sanctions? or just pure dallying till the next government comes to power so that the entire blame could be levied upon that government for all that has happened during these months of dallying! Sooner or later, each one of us will end up looking in the mirror and wonder, who’s this person standing in front of me! We don’t look the same, the glow ain’t around, there are zillion different things in each others thoughts…all trying to find answer to a simple question. What am I doing?
And if you still can’t find an answer to that question…as my boss would say….”Go Fly Kites”.
Because….Life Goes On….
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