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Absurdity of Reasoning

December 11, 2008
Yesterday, I saw this post on written by a professor from IIM-Bangalore who was fuming over the terrorist attack in Mumbai. Looks like the day of tolerance are a thing of past and we have now come out of a shell to address the situation head on. 452 comments in little under 2 days is a force to reckon with to understand the magnitude of anger and frustration we have against our neighbours. Oh…wait, this time the guns are set right at the human rights activists and liberals of the country as well.

Elsewhere in the walls of US and Indian political establishments, strategies are being made to analyse the posibility of a war! So much so that, Rice and McCain have been threatening Pakistan that India will attack if an appropriate isn’t taken against the terrorists. Talk about India’s sovereignty…there it goes for a toss. A war ignited by speculation, and suspicion that some terrible and dangerous activities are going on across the border on either sides. Funny thing is, I don’t even know why we should go to a war in the first place.

If the intention is to take revenge for the lives lost, then an eye for an eye wouldn’t make any sense. If it’s just to vent out the anger, frustration or to pass on a message to Indian people that Government is indeed not so handicapped, then maybe this is not the right time! Economy has been horrible over the past year, rising oil and food prices have taken its toll. On top of that the stock market collapse and the gradual erosion of foreign investments and cash reserves. It’s absurd to even think of going to a war unless we want to test the strength of our defence forces! The missiles aren’t gonna rust if we rest them for a little more time!…Will they?!

And for God’s sake, stop the notion of going to a war! Because tomorrow nothing will make any sense…nothing. Just the illusion of having won over the neighbour….

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