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What the terrorists need to do?

December 10, 2008
On 26th November, 2008 a terrible incident in Mumbai shook the entire nation. The battle between the NSG commandos raged for 3 days during which around 170 people lost their lives and several others were injured. And immediately after this chaos hit a pinnacle in political circle. Someone had to be made a scapegoat and media had to put blame on a handful of people. First among the bigwigs to go under the hammer was Shivraj Patel, the then Home Minister of India; R R Patil, deputy CM of Maharashtra and Vilasrao Deshmukh, CM of Maharashtra. This was not all..

The major impact, however, this time has been from the citizens. Countless protests led by some concerned citizens of Mumbai and several other places took place across the country. And as usual, media hasn’t missed a chance to highlight the growing anger among the populace. I was going through some articles on various websites and newspapers which have highlighted the statements given by Sanjay Dutt, Shahrukh Khan and other celebrities about the insecurity they as citizens have been facing. What’s most interesting this time is the outburst of India Inc. In a recent meeting between the Corporates and Police authorities in Bangalore, Corporate houses have demanded AK-47s be given to the security guards who guard the zillion offices around-a request which has been categorically denied by the authorities. All these incidents in a way form a perfect RGV film’s plot. No wonder, he left no stone unturned to be on ground zero, ‘apparently’ inspired from the events and decided (or was it announced) that he would soon make a film based on these events.

Back in the headquarters, wherever these terrorists might be from I sense some really tense faces! There could be a notion that their plan backfired. The reason, they chose the wrong targets. Of course, they killed lot of people, brought the nation to its feet, but I wonder whether they can withstand the backlash and the international attention which this incident has acquired. As an Indian, I have a request for the thousands being trained for future Jihad missions.

For whatever your mission maybe, please choose India as your destination! We offer the best hospitality, best tourism, best health care, best transport, ample resources who can help you out with almost anything, right from smuggling goods to getting you an entry to a 5 star hotel. Keeping in view of all your low-cost model of execution, India should and is perhaps your most-preferred onsite location. But please fire your chief strategist! He (or she) may have been of great help in the past killing people in massive numbers, but this time he has got it all wrong. All Wrong!

We in India, still haven’t forgotten the rich and poor divide. The poor always struggle for their rights and justice and not many pay attention to them! Whereas the rich, have the power which would make a nation like yours envy! This time, you chose the wrong targets, places frequented by rich and famous…no wonder there has been so much of backlash. Something which has forced the government take a strong stance for the first time in years! The next time you choose a location to plant a bomb, the usual and tested places are the best…nobody would give a damn in a day or two! If your plan is to create chaos in India, then I suppose, killing people is perhaps the worst technique. You see, everytime a bomb goes off in any location across the country, there’s massive publicity, media attention, leaders asking people to show our unity…and indeed all this is true!

We, over the past 60 years have been seeing you through a prism. So, no one has a clue what your true colour and intentions are. Instead, try for once to stay calm and divert your attention to some other activity; could be as simple as searching for water and oil deposits right under your soil! That would ensure that RAW (if there is one!) is on tenterhooks 365×24 hours! Need I say more?!?!…Please nuke us…and we shall reply in a way (or atleast try to) that you will never ever forget.

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