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What dreams may come true?

March 17, 2008

Far away in the sky,
Came an unlikely guest to peep across the horizon,
A horizon quite unlikely to have taken place
But when it did, nothing could stop it.

The flakes of snow which kissed my cheeks all this time,
seem to have vanished in no time
And the moment the sun came into the picture,
I knew I had a reason to smile.

What does it mean to smile…to chuckle?
I look at the solitary swing in my backyard,
And smile at an era bygone, when there was joy around,
Now, all I do is wonder what and when did things go wrong?

Isolated are the streets and so are my dreams,
I can’t think of anything different from what I see,
Images gory pass through my mind,
but i wonder who gives them a reason to occur in first place.

I hold the edges of the threads dangling from my mother’s dress,
And think of the days, when this would have been an oddity
that the queen of the house can’t maintain the dress properly
But what do I do, I see the awkward silence on her face
And wonder, where did her aura go?

All I hear outside are boots singing in unison,
they remind me of another futile battle,
A battle, where everything is lost after the victory.
It’s not the battle for power but of egos

I cry not because I am sad, but to wash the dirt on my face,
I can’t think any more and have dreams
But if I am still existing, then maybe there’s still some hope left
To see the day, when I can walk down the road without any fear…

I dream to see the sky azure, without any smoke
I dream to fly a kite without a bullet piercing it,
I dream to walk around the bazaar and haggle for everything possible
I dream to sleep everynight without fear
I dream…to dream…and dream…and dream…

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  1. dreams permalink
    April 5, 2008 6:38 pm

    nice post…

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