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Walking Through Haze…

March 17, 2008

What are you waiting for?
Days go on, but you won’t comply…
When shall thou realize the maze?
Up there from the tower,
What do you look for down here?
Miles and miles across,
There’s nothing but emptiness

You can’t move, you can’t shout,
Neither can you smile, nor can you laugh,
Yet you wait for the day to do all that
When shall thou realize that it’s not a matter of time,
But the confluence of you two which will free you.

The knight is too naïve to realize the truth,
He thinks, that there’s no tower on this earth which he has missed,
Yet he can’t find you and he keeps looking,
When shall he decode the enigma?
When shall he break the spell cast by the witch?

The witch was too shrewd and challenged the Knight to the crest,
And what a spell it was, she hid you inside your Knight’s heart!
But here’s the catch …you can’t be free unless one of you die!!!
Either way, it’s a heavy price to pay… my princess.

What if the knight realizes this spell?
I think, he would give his life to set you free,
But if he did, then would you want to be alive?!
So far, so good…no one knows this, neither he nor you.
And the search continues…

Look around Cindrella and you will hear your name rebound!
O Knight, look within she’s there in you,
Let there be no tears, and no fears…
You are bounded for eternity…this is just the other side of the spell.

Come what may, you won’t know this,
And the search continues,
And the day you realize the truth,
Neither of you shall survive.

Keep moving…keep looking, maybe one day you will take the road less traveled,
Maybe you will walk through haze without a clue what’s around
Who knows what you may come across, keep searching…keep walking.

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