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March 17, 2008

think I cried the moment I was born,
But I still wonder how I brought smile back to the faces forlorn,
What kind of world have I entered?
Where ones sadness is another’s happiness.

Years later when I could walk and think on my own,
I realized that things are way too different than what they seem,
And to see them you need for yourself a mask,
It gives you an identity alien before.

And now I have many in my closet,
One for Monday and another for Tuesday,
I always have a smile and appear full of hope,
After all it’s a great way to start a week and kick start the race.

They wear out sooner than one can think of,
And I take out another two, one for Wednesday and another for Thursday,
I look all worked up and desperate for some break,
What more can you pray for than some peace of mind?

And they wear out sooner than one can think of,
Only 2 are left, one for Friday and another for Saturday,
What more can I ask for? I look as if I was born yesterday,
All I could think of was some fun and some frolic.

And I ran out of masks,
Thank Goodness, I didn’t have to wear any at least for one day,
The world looks so different without a disguise,
Everything’s so pure and exists in solitude and solace.

But who’s this in the mirror?
I have never seen him, though it’s me standing in front of the mirror,
I tried to draw my picture, but got lost in the contours of my face,
They keep changing, probably getting ready for the week ahead.

I wish I could throw away my masks,
And all those fake expressions and acts of purposeful existence,
But where would I stand devoid my mask?
It’s my identity and maybe my way of life…

And I open my closet to choose the mask for the day,
To go back to my existence and keep my life and conscience at fray,
To walk into oblivion and be one among you,
And keep believing that one day all of this would come to an end…

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