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The Dawn

March 17, 2008

As the valley relishes in its deep slumber,
The mist creeps in and kisses my feet,
I go further into the layers of my quilt,
Too curious I am to know the end of my dream.

I ain’t sure when I woke up,
But am sure that others were still dreaming,
I saw myself in the mirror,
And after too many days to remember, saw myself smile.

I hate the fact that we wake up with the same feeling,
Day after day, year after year it’s the same.
What if something abnormal happens at times?
Like snowing in the middle of summer,
Like flowers blooming in autumn,
Like a feeling that something great is in store for us…

Dew dripping down the trees,
Clouds hanging around searching for a place,
Hills singing in melody for the monsoon,
And we thought that everyday is the same.

Late last night, something exceptional happened,
The hills for the first time in ages had turned white!
Reflecting like a mirror, they shone like silver,
So strong was the glaze that even the Sun closed his eyes.

I kept the morning coffee aside and gazed around,
The aroma of dawn filled my mind,
I can’t help but think, if this isn’t beauty then what is?
If this isn’t bliss then what is?

Dallying and sauntering on the boulevard
Singing with the wind and catching the snow,
I smiled at the Tulips and Roses in my hand,
And there it was…the Sun in its full glory,
For a moment it looked as if heaven had dawned on the hills.

The snow started melting and the drops fell on the rocks,
It’s probably the most soothing sound in the world,
Sounds as if an invisible Mozart at his best!
And what bigger Opera can there be if there are birds chirping along.

The warmth of the Sun set the vale ablaze,
The silence of the night gave way to the din of the day,
And by the time the town was on its feet, snow was gone
Alas it was just another day for most of them!

I am back to my room and thought the day passed too soon,
When would I get to see the snow again?
When would the hills drape in ubiquitous silence again?
I sleep again wishing that I won’t wake up the same way as today
I sleep again wishing that I would smile and hope a great day is in store,
I sleep again…dreaming that there would be another morning…
I sleep again….to see another dawn.

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