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Rhyme of the Wind

March 17, 2008

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter;
The rhythm of the downpour accentuates the thunder in the clouds,
And the ferocious wind from the sea howls wildly,
I wonder if the Gods are having a fight up in the Heaven;

The rain descends to the ground below,
Flooding the roads and making all life come to a standstill,
Have never seen things around so calm,
I wish it rains like this everyday just to see everything still and soothing,

Alas, I never wished to see few things,
Like logs of wood floating in the sea,
I fear for a ship far from my sight,
Like an infant crying on the street,
I think about the mother, who has lost her child,
Like a leaf flying in the wind,
And I think about the tree turning bare.

This almost sounds like a lullaby,
Or maybe like a rhyme from a Gaelic bard.
The whispers of the breeze are too obstinate,
They fill the hopes and dreams of people of the spring ahead.

I wish the winds bring along with them,
A message from my Knight, who’s far away in a Crusade,
Oh…my Love, Why do you fight so much?
Don’t you see that it doesn’t even matter if you win?
All I want is your blade doesn’t taste more blood than this,
We don’t want to rule over a land of Ghosts!

I wish the rain washes away the blood on the land,
If not, it will always stay as a memoir of a battle once fought,
A battle which changed the course of history,
And turned brothers into Enemies

Oh God of Rain…What are you waiting for?
Unleash your power, and let the clouds drain out every bit,
Let the masks of people be washed away,
Let the disguise of egotism be unveiled,
Perhaps that day, their souls will drop,
Let them repent for what they have done,
And contemplate for what may lie ahead…

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