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March 17, 2008

The streets are too desolate to imagine,
And so are the coffee shops around the corner,
Why am I walking on the road at this hour?
Darkness is all around and there is no light ahead.

I sat in the coffee shop for a drink,
The aroma of Chocolate was captivating,
Where have I come this day?
The scent of flowers reminds me of days past.

I used to gaze around and wonder where life was running,
The spring at that time was at its best,
On one fine day I ran into you,
And life was never the same again.

When blink of the eye was a moment wasted,
What more could I do to think about you?
I so wish I had the power to stop time,
Maybe then I can find a rhythm to my life’s hymn.

I followed your steps and took the same lanes,
It’s a wonder that I could never lose your sight,
How could I? I saw you everywhere I went,
And one find day I could tell what was dream and what reality…

I look at myself in the mirror,
And wonder whom I am seeing,
I lost my features….my identity,
Haven’t looked this good till now, and I don’t even know since when?!

And I ran to see you again,
To tell you that my dawn begins with a glimpse of your smile,
And ends when I can see you no longer,
To tell you that you have filled the void in my life,
And I can no longer stay alone!
I ran…and I kept running…

The world is a small place to hide,
But what do I do with this splinter in my mind,
How long would I have to run to find you?
I can’t see you, but I keep thinking maybe you are around,
I keep hoping that one day you will make me a part of your life…
And I keep running towards that day…thinking…hoping…..

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