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One Step Wayward…

March 17, 2008

The wheel spun faster than I thought,
And the day was just beginning to wake up,
Clear road ahead, and our gusto fraught,
Oh passerby, did you see the strangers who hit the road?

The ball of fire was too mellowed down,
And what a spectacle was that!
We stared directly into the Sun,
And felt like He was warming up for his routine!

The boulevard took us to lands unknown,
Fields in the countryside were fully mown,
But the Sunflowers smiled at us,
I think we were obstructing the Sun at that moment.

The fog cleared away,
And took away with it the solitude around,
The humming of the birds in trees and bustle of men around,
I wonder how things can change in a moment,
For a moment you see what freedom is, what Heaven is,
But then you realize that you are never alone and are still mortal!

Aimless and free of burden, what more could you ask for?
All we were doing was to find out where the road leads us,
And we go on….we go on…
And we would go on till the point where the road ends.

The Sun kept following us all the way,
I think even He got bored and finally hid the Sun behind the mountains,
The darkness wraps around leaving no void,
But still, there is never a moment morbid,
Maybe this is what happens when we stand and stare…

Sometimes a step out of our banal lives changes everything,
You see what you have been missing all the while,
Sometimes a moment well spent works wonders,
It stays on like that forever…memories are so hard to forget!

Sometimes I wonder if we have time for anything.
All we seem to do is run towards the next post,
Unaware of what lies ahead and hopeful of crossing the finish line,
Oh brother, look back, maybe you have missed a step or two…
Where would you run if there’s no road ahead?

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