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The "Y" Side…

September 11, 2007

A generous smile greeted me when I opened my eyes,
It was different around than what I had imagined in my mother’s womb,
I tried to move around and saw him then,
My source, such was his graceful appearance…

I instantly realised that I knew him,
He had heard me move in my mother’s womb,
Placing his hand to feel how big I had grown,
That was my first contact with things alien separated by a thin membrane..

One day, he took me around,
me sitting on his shoulders,
to a place too far that I can’t remember,
To see a Sun setting, a life down the hill gearing up for the night.

I wondered, why he was so calm most of the time,
Everyone else around seem to talk as if there’s no tomorrow,
He replied for everything with an unreasonable smile and calmness,
I believed everything what others had told about him…he was so unusual!

One fine day, I happened to see his other side,
He was talking too much….and something seemed to be awry,
I think he just wanted to be himself,
A shade of his persona which was unknown to many.

Years later I looked at myself in the mirror,
And couldn’t stop wondering,
How in the world could two people be so similar!
I had inherited his calmness…that eternal calmness!
and everything which people couldn’t understand about him…

He’s more than twice my age now
and staring down at the other half of life,
he drops a little hints here and there,
just to make me realize that my days have come to stand up for the rest!

Another day,Another night
I come across the bills and recall those visits,
For a moment I forget about the blood and hysteria around
Thinking about the feeling of togetherness…if only for a brief time
A privacy felt amongst a crowd…in a foreign land…

I think the day isn’t too far,
which he had been preparing me for,
A day when he no longer would be on my side holding my hand
and let me fly free with time…

If only he could be with me,
To let me put my head on his shoulder,
and see the sun going down the sea,
With a calmness that exists between us…

P.S…To a person who gave me my name
From a person trying to live upto that name….

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  1. Manjit permalink
    September 12, 2007 9:02 pm

    wow.. a very good one .. man touched my heart…

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