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The Cursed…

September 6, 2007

The drops of rain kissing my body woke me up,
And people I saw around me giving a look profound,
How many times do I tell them that such things I scorn,
Yet the anger of my thoughts dies without making a sound.

Many a times I think with this burden on my back,
How cruel could Zeus be to give such a spherical shape to this stack,
How could he do this to me?…I merely played my part in the war…
he cursed me to bear this burden for eternity!

You know what the worst part is?…
I can’t look at the Heaven, though it’s me who bears the burden
Neither can I see the Earth , though it’s just below where the heaven is,
Day and night, I look down and see nothing but a path untrodden.

I wasn’t meant to be like this,
I hope my Lord would heed to my prayers,
but he never forgets to mention the betrayal,
and that erodes my hopes of redemption layer by layer.

All you creatures glaring at me from down there,
I have just one thing to tell you,
Don’t forget that you too have a burden on your shoulders,
The burden of hopes and that of consequences,
You can’t escape it, yet you think I am the only one around to carry it!

My lord! You have kept me down for time immemorial,
Yet I never understood what delight that begets
Maybe soon, one day you will realise my worth
And that day, I will look into your eyes
And say to myself, so this is how you look after all these years?

I once had a dream, to stand tall!
That’s still a dream, but maybe the day isn’t too far
I will swim across this pool and put the sphere under my feet
And scream….I am Atlas, the immortal Titan!

I am Atlas…I am Atlas…

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  1. Arun permalink
    September 7, 2007 6:17 pm

    goot goot![:D]
    the other one’s pending. will read off soon enough!

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