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August 23, 2007

It all happened one cold night, when I took a turn wrong…
and ended on a path unknown,
with snow dancing down from heaven
I greeted the wind on my cheeks with contempt;

Not that I hated the wind,
but the day was very unkind….perhaps it was my life that was!
Days, I spent wandering for something,
perhaps it’s been years or maybe more.

I was told by many that I was looking for truth about too many things,
Things perhaps that I shouldn’t ask myself,
why am I walking down this road?
Where would I reach?
It makes me all the more miserable….this having to choose!

I think I heard music somewhere on that road,
and I walked over to the fence to see what it was,
the strings of some instrument created magic,
and I heard something that I hadn’t before;

I looked around and saw people sleeping,
and I looked at the grass they stamped below,
The air suddenly turned warm,
I couldn’t understand why?

Maybe there were too many people,
maybe it was the magic of the music,
Someone told me that it’s just movement of air molecules,
if that’s so, then what’s cold wind?
Am I falling deaf to things around?

I looked around and saw the joy and applause,
I saw the courteous thanking of the musicians,
I saw the harmony of life there,
I shifted my glance towards a baby, a little angel there,
I saw her curious glances and innocent smile

And I smiled….or maybe a smile escaped from my heart,
because I saw myself in her eyes,
I was no different than her; then what is this that torments me?
Am I carrying a burden to be someone among the crowd?
I think I am…and I don’t know why?

Perhaps that’s my quest now,
I looked towards the sky and saw the night glowing with stars,
They were smiling back and I was happy I looked at them,
It’s been so long since I looked up…since I was happy.
And it all happened one night, when I took a turn wrong…


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