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August 23, 2007

I fell down from heaven,
and was about to go where others go;
but maybe it was the wind,
I drifted away and no longer knew where I would go.

Up in the heaven sat my lord who said
“What are you doing? Don’t you see you have strayed from your path?”
I couldn’t wait to hear him,
I got sucked down to the earth

As we moved forward, I saw others falling into the sea,
they said, that’s where we have to go;
I looked at myself determined to go the other way
This was my maiden journey and I couldn’t go back

My lord up there banished me,
said, I betrayed everybody,
and that, heaven’s door is closed forever for me!
I wondered if he had noticed what wind had done?

As I was falling down,
I saw a man sqautting beside a field mown,
Alas! I saw the agony in his eyes,
I saw the hope that one day someone like me would arrive;

My journey had a purpose
and I was soon going to be His messenger!
How you ask me? Haven’t you heard of what are called as prayers?
My lord happens to listen to some of them;

Soon I found out that he was a farmer,
and I wanted to greet him with such a force
that he would notice me and open the doors
to his hope that Lord would listen to his murmur!

In an instant, I think I touched him,
I think he looked up
I think he saw where others had fallen,
As I lay dead infront of his eyes,
he smiled and wanted others to come

I came to an end…a tragic end
because never had I thought that someone would smile at my death!
but perhaps this was a message that to my Lord I send,
No matter how we stray, there’s always a purpose
and no purpose is unworthy because it always results in something!

You ask me, what did my purpose result in?
Maybe more prayers….but I think it was Hope….and keeping it alive..
Beause that hope always results in something..


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