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Highway to Truth

August 23, 2007

once upon a time…maybe long ago,
it’s believed that someone popped up in the garden of Eden,
after a moment of bliss, in came satan;
and tempted to commit the sin upon which He had decreed an embargo.

In a state of anger, He lost his senses,
and shunned his children to mortality
And years after they descended, they started building fences
And generations later they forgot the meaning of morality!

He saw that we were forgetting Him,
so he sent his messengers to remind about His presence,
for a moment there was no bounds to one’s effervescenece
but I think it all started there and for some strange reason we divided Him,

In a strange turn of events, the apple turned the world around,
the infamous fruit had invoked a genius
things were never same again and a notion lost its ground,
A notion that He is the unquestionable genius!

Soon, they started defining things,
until one day, someone shattered the whole world
he proved that, God is just a made up story
and the reality is much more complex

Years later, another defined energy,
yet he looked at stars and exclaimed,”How can you look at stars and say God doesn’t exist?”
You call him genius, but he’s the most Humane Human
he initiated the eternal question!

Does God exist?
Is science the new Tower of Babel?
Everytime you define something ethereal,
you climb one level of the tower
maybe one day we will reach the tip too….

I just hope He doesn’t show up in some corner,
that will just shatter everything that we have believed in so far,
Words, art, music have changed with time,
what if notions don’t change?

I am no more naive,
I maybe wrong, but i am on the highway to truth
truth that will one day define what science has been trying for so long,
But, What if i reach that truth?…
If something is proved then science will have an upperhand,
does that mean, defining God will mean that He isn’t what we think,
Will that proof make me an athiest?


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