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Are You in Heaven?

August 23, 2007

Phew!…been so long since i posted something here…and been too long since i tried to write something good…Finally came up something last week….here’s the poem of sorts…hope you will like it…and do pls comment on it, if you happen to read this one and few others above…[:)]

Are you in Heaven?

At the stroke of midnight, I was born,
not knowing what was happening;
There was commotion, there was mayhem,
little did I know why people were crying!

It made me sad that people always cried on that day,
it’s my birthday for heaven’s sake!
Yet, I can’t stop people to keep their emotions at bay,
tell me what can I do for this anomaly to break?

Everytime I fly, I see people looking at me,
I see their joy, I see their pain,
But I also sometimes see victory in their pain,

One day, finally I saw someone smiling on my birthday,
I asked him why he was doing that?
He smiled more and walked away
But he told me one line which made me ponder,
“I am free….I am free”

I wanted to know what had happened on the day I was born;
one said he came outside the limbo,
another, he became rich;
one said, he was just happy;
but I think I found my answer when I bumped into someone!

“I learnt to look up and see the skies beyond,
I can see beyond the boundaries,
I can feel my urge ti stand up,
so everytime you fly, I look up and see the skies beyond!”

I thought, then why is that not everyone is the same?
Are they bound by the shackles of their mind?
That after all these years, they feel there’s still something missing?

Sure, we have moved away from lot of kingdoms
from time immemorial and finally reached freedom.
For us, freedom was the kingdom where there were no boundaries,
first we fought for it, but still not everyone could have it;

So, here’s what I say to all those who cry on my birthday;
Freedom isn’t just a day of the year on which you can unfurl me;
I am your mirage, I am your apparition;
I am in your happiness, I am in your failure;
Perhaps…..that’s what I am…

I am your peace….and peace within yourself is what I call Heaven is!
So, now tell me, are you just free?
or are you in heaven?


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