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Flicks that inspired a whole generation… Telugu

July 9, 2007
What makes a movie special?….What makes a movie unforgettable?…Is it the story, the narration or the theme it tries to address or something else?….Maybe it’s everything put together, or something that we cannot put in words. Whatever maybe the case, there are only a few movies which you will remember forever and everytime it’s on TV you can’t resist watching it again…
Here’s my list of some of those kind of movies, some of which have just changed the way I think about few things…

1. Sankarabharanam: This 1979 Telugu flick directed by K.Vishwanath has probably had the biggest influence on me when it comes to Telugu movies. It’s the story of a popular Carnatic Singer who loses his audience because of the emerging western music in late 70’s and how he leads his life which has lost its yesteryear’s glory. Probabaly I would have seen this movie some 3-4 times but everytime I see this movie, apart from the Carnatic Music, I just cannot get myself to listen to any other genre particularly Rock. That’s the power of the impact this movie had!….One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when a group of young men practicing western music find themselves challenged by this Carnatic Singer to sing a Ragaa along with him……This is one of the great movies that I would recommend if you want to watch a movie with great story, music, action, drama; it definitely has the soul in the right place….

Check out this Wikipedia entry on this flick….there are couple of interesting facts about the movie…

2. Saagara Sangamam: 4 years later after making Shankarabharanam, director K.Vishwanath made yet another beautiful movie casting Kamal Hasan and Jayaprada in the lead roles. This time it’s the story of a Classical Dancer who couldn’t make it big and ends up as a alcoholic, journalist. Jayaprada dons the role of a wealthy woman who helps him to perform in a competition. Upon finding out that the woman he loves is already married, he distances himself from everyone bereft of any hope….Another unforgettable movie from a director who rejuvenated the interest in Indian Classical Music and Dance through his movies. His characters have such emotion and a dream which is fast diminishing to some or the other influences. But then at the end of it, the message is that the flame must never die and we cannot forget what we are made of.
One of my favourite songs from the movie

There are lot more on the list….will be added soon

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