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Equality in the present age….

June 10, 2007
One reason I believe why equality in the present age has such an important place is that, we are entering into an age of debate how we are looked upon by others. We demand for equality in everything; some wishes are granted and some aren’t. And when things don’t happen our way, we crib that there’s no one who will listen to you. I think there should be equality in things like justice for all and maybe in access to education and employment (Here again…i am just saying “Access” as in I am strictly against reservation or partiality of any kind towards people of any caste/creed/race/region/colour)….

While in other cases the relevance of equality is fast diminishing. Take the case of the present age man himself. I believe that no two men should be equal…they shouldn’t treat themselves as equals nor should others look at them as equals. For when you are equal, there’s no difference between the two and their existence has no meaning…they are just clones! Differences should exist in our lives, otherwise there’s nothing left to trade between two individuals or among a group. What I mean is, there has to be a difference in the knowledge levels, so that the person with more can “share” it with person with less in that field. Again one important that we mustn’t forget here is that, if someone isn’t good in something doesn’t mean that he’s not good at everything else…as I said differences should and do exist among us. That’s what keeps us alive. Had there been no differences, cultures would have been wiped out, languages would follow in the same category, and jobs too….we do things that we are more capable of doing than others in exchange for something else, like Money.

On a larger scale, what we need to realise is that we can never be like somebody else. We should never be like somebody else….but yes, we should set for ourselves some parameters which look unachievable and progress in that direction….like the saying goes,”Aim for the moon, you will atleast reach the stars!”. Forget about equality in the era of globalisation; unless we do something better than others, we are doomed. So, instead of protecting somebody under the umbrella of reservations or waivers we have to find ways to find gold in sand!

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