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June 9, 2007
Ah, finally I am going to write something exclusively on movies on this blog! This thought had been in my mind for quite sometime, but it took maybe just too long to motivate myself to start one. You can read my movie reviews and other opinions on movies and maybe I will post some interesting trivia/quizzes on movies, news on the movies to be released and so on.

Why I have named this blog as Anthology of Dreams is that I believe whatever you do starts with a dream…when you sleep you dream and otherwise you daydream…that’s what we call as thinking! And you do what you think…i.e, you see, you work, you write. Even when it comes to movies, it has its roots from a good script which is an anthology of good writing….so, I would say, in a way, your dreams and movies are related to each other. Celluloid is just a visual representation of your dreams…sometimes you have a good dream and sometimes bad! Whatever maybe the case, you can read my version of the dreams and movies here.

I hope that you will like what I write and do drop in your comments and suggestions; they mean a lot to me….

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